Marley and Me (x7)

So…picture this…seven guys head off to St. FX University and after their first year in residence, move into a house and spend the next few years studying, sharing chores, having a few meals together and doing all of the normal university type things.

Like most kids who leave home to attend college, they quickly realize the one huge gap missing from their lives…THE FAMILY DOG!!!

 Remember when Emily sent me a message from school asking me to bring the dog for a visit! Post: Lassie’s Big Adventure. 

Being smart, resourceful, and needing this gap to be filled…it wasn’t long before a solution was found.

Over the last two years of living together, these seven friends have fostered over twenty dogs in Antigonish through the Coastal K9 Rescue Society…some for a short time…some a bit longer…each pup in need and finding a place to hang with the guys until being adopted into their forever home.

It’s a match made in heaven!

Marley (yup, grab the tissues this is another “Marley and Me” story) has been with the boys for a bit and all have fallen madly in love with this sweet girl. The problem is…Marley’s having trouble finding her forever home. You see…Marley needs surgery in both knees…that will cost a whopping 5 thousand dollars!

You may recall my own pup having the same surgery
a few years back! Post: Telling a Sad Tale.

So…once again, being smart and resourceful, the boys are attempting to get Marley the surgery she needs while still providing a safe and loving home for their girl. They’ve started a GoFundMe campaign that in less than 24 hours, is currently sitting at $3,305…much from the help of their university friends donating what they can! They are well on their way to the $5,000 amount needed for surgery and a pain-free life for sweet Marley.

Please join me in a MASSIVE ROUND OF APPLAUSE to the 7 young men who have been fostering dogs for the last two years…getting all of the love and cuddles they need while helping out in such a wonderful way.

Please visit Marley’s Go Fund Me page and donate to this fabulous cause…every dollar helps. 

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  1. Proud of you boys…this is a life lesson that is not learned from university..Bravo