Let’s pretend that week never happened…

OK! So…let’s just pretend that week never happened!

Last Sunday, I arrived home from Florida completely relaxed and revitalized…excited to get back to work and dive into a few new and exciting projects I have on the go. I spent Monday answering emails and getting a few things organized…which was a whole lot different from the Monday before that started my amazing week in Florida with a visit to Krispy Kreme! While I’d still not unpacked from vacation and hadn’t touched the laundry, my plan was to fire in a load when I headed to my office on Tuesday morning. YES…after a month of working from my den off the kitchen, with a new puppy and all that puppies and training entail…I was BEYOND EXCITED that starting Tuesday morning, I was taking the pup down to the office to turn him into an official “Office Dog.”

But…that never happened…

On Monday evening, I started feeling a little “off.” My shoulders and upper back ached and I’d wondered if I hadn’t pulled something while lifting my carry-on-bag into the overhead compartment. That night…I awoke with a fever and sore throat…by morning, an exhaustion though my body that I’d not felt since I was a teen…with mono.

As the week went on…everything hurt. Nothing moved right. Nothing tasted right. I was miserable from day until night and night until day with one symptom after the next until the fever finally broke…and the sneezing began…affecting every muscle in my stomach and causing me to look in the mirror several times to see if I’d developed a newly formed six-pack from the workout I was unwillingly enduring.

This morning….6 days in…I’m finally ok. I feel good. There are still a few aches and I’ve the odd sneeze or two, but moving doesn’t hurt and my body no longer feels the exhaustion and aches it had over the last five days.

I got LITTLE done this week. I emptied the dishwasher each day. Put the dog out. I did minimal work…staying on top of my Etsy orders and binging on Netflix watching the new season of “Broad Church”, all three seasons of “Love”, and the incredibly enjoyable first season of “Kim’s Convenience.”  I cried…BIG CRIED…on three different occasions for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON other than just feeling like the big load of stuffed crap that only the week before, I’d seen a child haul around Busch Gardens.

Mom and Dad ran by with a few groceries. A friend popped in for a quick visit (but mostly for a quick pee since she’s having renos done and her water was turned off.) Meg made me a few smoothies and tried to listen to my “I’m so sick” complaints as best as she could. Folks checked in through texting to make sure I was doing ok. And yesterday, a volleyball mom dropped off a bowl of homemade turkey soup and a Tim’s tea as she’s never known me to miss a tournament.

Currently…I feel like a million bucks! I woke today and don’t feel the exhaustion in my bones that I’ve felt for the last week. The car is currently dead in the driveway from this week’s cold and an underused battery…so I’m phoning for a boost just as soon as I finish this cup of tea. If I still feel this way in a few hours…I’m heading out to watch a volleyball game.

Tomorrow..I’ll be answering emails. Making a plan. Organizing a few things for exciting projects that are ahead…cleaning up the house a little. On Tuesday, I plan to head down to the office and turn this pup into a proper office dog!

If all goes well…I might even get a chance to unpack and do a little laundry.

The way I see it…we’ll just pretend that last week never happened!

 – – – – – – – –

Have you ever come home sick from a vacation? Comment below and I’ll give you tons of sympathy!