#Menopause … As if I needed more change in my life!


A few weeks ago, I used the hashtag #menopause on an Instagram post and much to my surprise, I realized it hadn’t been used all that many times before.

I spend hours each week curating content for social media and trying to figure out the best way to reach my blog readership and one little hashtag on a social media platform that’s used mainly by younger people, had me realizing I was literally and figuratively, TALKING TO THE WALL!

I’M TURNING FIFTY…and I really want to talk about MENOPAUSE! 

For example…did you know there were THREE stages of this unruly phenomena. THREE. Not one. AND, the actual “menopause” stage doesn’t occur until you’re 12 MONTHS PERIOD FREE which means that this thing I’m going through right now…Perimenopause…is some sort of ruthless count down where every now and then you’re whipped right back to the beginning knowing you’ve another full 12 months to go before you actually get anywhere. Slowly you start counting and you’re four months into your 12 month count down and WHAM…your period comes and there you go again…back to square 1 where somewhere, off in the distance, you can hear the strange cackling of the sadistic Menopause Monster and you’re left feeling completely defeated and starting from scratch.


Also…at no point was I privy to the fact that my head was going to be a little bit “off” during the process…along with a whole lot of stupid. For example, words…full nouns…they’re suddenly lost where I’m trying to say something and it’s right on the tip of my tongue and “poof”…it’s GONE. Can’t find it. Much as I try and pause to think and recall and fight through the fog while I’m attempting to locate the word “pineapple” from the recesses of my brain…all that’s coming from my mouth is “platypus” and OBVIOUSLY THESE TWO THINGS ARE NOT RELATED IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER SO WHY CAN’T I FIND THE WORD!

And, not only am I forgetting whole words…I’m forgetting whole things…like where I parked my car!

There was a time I was the master of multitask, to-do lists and juggling and at the moment, I can hardly remember where I left the pen let alone know what to put on the list! Honestly who knew ovaries had that much power and WHY must they make me question whether or not I turned off the flat-iron EVERY SINGLE TIME I LEAVE THE HOUSE even on the days I didn’t even use the flatiron!!!

Most days lately I’m foggy at best and completely loopy at my worst. Throw in an emotional wreck on top of an already overly dramatic and emotional person to begin with and I’m a little overwhelmed with my drama-queen self!

Things are bugging me. For example, I can’t stand the sound of my kid kissing the dog, or the feel of tags on the insides of my shirt, or the bracelets jingling on my arm, or the shoe on my left foot, or pants, or any kind of bra whatsoever…all this and much, much more will cause bouts confusion and a possible need for a nap.

And apparently…this is all “normal.”

I’m soon to be 50 and acting like an unruly, irrational, hormonal 13-year-old but I’m told that I shouldn’t feel bad about any of it except that NOTHING FEELS RIGHT and the damn tag inside my shirt is going to be the end of me even while I try to type this post!!!

I’ll be honest, I thought I’d escape menopause which is probably part of the reason it’s caught me so off guard. Years ago, when having trouble finding the right birth control as apparently I had an overabundance of estrogen in my system…I had a doctor tell me that “it may be difficult to deal with now but you’ll be thankful in the future as you’ll more than likely have an easy time through menopause.”


I clung on that advice. I truly wore it like a badge of honour knowing that I would be one of the very few that got away with an easy time during “the change” but I’m here to tell you…THE DOCTOR WAS WRONG!

Hot sweats, panic attacks, chills after the hot sweats, lack of sleep, crankiness, fogginess, loss of memory, loopiness, feelings of being irrational, total exhaustion, lack of motivation, thinning hair, greasy hair, dry skin, weird hormonal bursts of craziness, night sweats, tears…I’m a freakin’ barrel of laughs these days!

Poor Megan has to live with me. And Noah just arrived home from university so he’s about to be pleasantly surprised. And CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHERE THE SCISSORS ARE SO I CAN CUT THIS TAG OFF MY SHIRT!

There aren’t a lot of bloggers out there talking about Menopause so officially, as of right now, I’m adding it to the list of topics I’m going to talk about so that the next time I use the hashtag #Menopause on Instagram…I won’t feel so old.

Welcome to my menopause journey folks! From early indications, it’s bound to be one heck of a ride.

21 Replies to “#Menopause … As if I needed more change in my life!”

  1. I had a hysterectomy at 31 but still have my ovaries, so I’m not sure when that will put me into menopause. It certainly sounds like an intense experience! I hope you sail through it and it goes quickly. xo

    • Hmmmm…I wonder how that works!!! I’m hoping to sail through it as well but so far…it’s a whole lot of confusion. I have to do some reading…but first, a nap!

  2. phrases I’ve used.
    “time of the whenever”,
    “unnecessary noise making”
    and just this week, I was late to work because “menopause is cancelled” ugh! 7.5months! I was almost golden.

    • “Menopause is cancelled”…that’s fantastic! Also, I used “unnecessary noise making” all of the time also…everything is so loud and irritating!!!

  3. The tag thing is me 100%. It dictates what I will buy and I go for the stamped label whenever possible. I wish I could ask my Mother for forgiveness for feeling agitated with her when she started wearing her tops inside out. I totally identify with many of the symptoms you written about and I would trade the nuisance of a period for menopause and it’s after-effects any day.

    Totally Understand!

    • Oh my goodness…your sweet mother and her inside out tops!!! I switched mine inside out just to honour her! (It’s the tag at the waist that was bugging me the most.)

  4. I’m going through this right along with you, my friend. Thanks for the laugh, I really needed it. I don’t laugh at you, I laugh with you. It helps to know that others “get it”. I’ve been lucky with hot flashes. I’ve had a few but, I’m generally cold so maybe this helps me. My migraines have intensified so that sucks. I feel “bloated” 3 out of 4 weeks of the month (instead of one), and I have days when I feel extremely irritated – for no good reason. I try to take it day-by-day and laugh myself through whatever I can. Let’s get #menopause trending! lol

    • I’m laughing with you too!!! Also…my migraines have intensified as well!!! I’m gonna work on the laughter and in the meantime, yes, let’s get #menopause trending! 🙂

  5. You’re preaching to the choir! I’ve experienced the restart a few times. I’m 51. For what it’s worth, I found that Promensil actually helped me (NO, I don’t have any contact with the company, I don’t even know what the company is) but it helped with hot flashes for me. You find it in the vitamin isle. And yes, I’ve also started cutting out my tags, and writing EVERYTHING down, and rely on others to fill in my nouns for me. -Jenn

    • I’m about to check out some vitamins. I’ve heard there are a fair number of good ones out there. “Promensil”…I’ll add it to the list. Now, where did I put my pen…

  6. I just turned 50…I am driving myself crazy. Everything I feel I wonder- Is this menopause? No one ever talks about it…thank you! It is nice to have a place with open conversation.

    • There are just too many feels at the moment! And yes…I think it’s all menopause! Either that or I’m completely going crazy. Everything feels emotional and irrational and stupid at the moment. I’m blaming it all on menopause!

  7. I know it’s coming… not looking forward to it though. However I am sooooo excited about ‘no more periods!’

    • Yes…the “no more periods” thing is definitely something to look forward to. Once I get myself through this ridiculous stage I’m in!!!

  8. Enjoyed your post. Yes, please talk more about menopause. I feel like there is not enough information out there. The fogginess and forgetting words I’m experiencing, but I’m 53 and haven’t missed a period yet. Yep, right on time each and every month. I’m really done. It can go away any time now! Anyway, your post made me laugh and that’s what we all need.