It’s possible I have a favourite child…

It’s possible I have a favourite child.

If I look at it realistically, then I don’t. But with so much going on this past weekend, I did reach a point that I had to pick ONE kid to pay attention to and that kid, could by some, be perceived as my favourite.

Just ask Noah…he called me out in his Grade 2 artwork that I discovered while clearing out his closet to prep the house to go on the market again.

In his childlike, stick-drawing, artwork…he states very clearly that,  “Mom, thinks Meg is the best.”

There’s no denying what his 8-year-old hocky-likin’ self thought…and maybe still thinks!

The problem is, there’s just one of me…and three of them…and while I USUALLY can manage my schedule to be there for all of the important things in their lives, every now and then they all have something important at the exact same time.

Case in point…just this past weekend, Meg’s U18 Volleyball Team was playing for a Provincial Title at the Volleyball Nova Scotia Provincial Weekend; Noah’s Mount Pearl Blades Junior Hockey Team was in Cape Breton playing for an Atlantic Championship; and Emily, she was in Ottawa moving all of her belongings as a new chapter of her life was about to unfold.

I wanted to be at all three things! But, being that I don’t have a jet, or a cloning machine, or any Hogwarts Floo-Powder…I had to choose just one.

So…how did I pick? I don’t know to be honest…it just sort of happened. Noah and Emily’s events were both out-of-town and there’s the dog plus expenses with travelling and hotels etc…, so, I guess I picked simply on the grounds that staying home and supporting Meg was the easiest option overall. But I wanted to be with each of my children.

Take Emily for instance. A few years ago she moved to Ottawa for university and found a BEAUTIFUL apartment…decorated to suit her just perfectly. Unfortunately, a few months ago, she received a message from her landlord that he was taking over her apartment to move in himself…and just like that…she needed to move. On Sunday, after weeks of looking at apartments until she found one she was happy with…she packed up and moved to her new home.

This weekend, I could have been in Ottawa helping my kid unpack and re-settle…hanging pictures, filling her fridge with groceries, arranging the new kitchen, deciding on furniture placement or offering a much-needed hug.

That’s what I could have been doing…and I would have loved every minute of it!

Or…take Noah for instance. Over the past two years, he’s been playing Junior Hockey in Newfoundland and I’ve gone to all of NO GAMES. Me…major hockey supporter, big time hockey mom, huge cheerer from the stands…NOT ONE GAME! I’ve seen a few online when they’ve been broadcast…but not once have I met a single player from the team, a coach or another parent. And yet, this weekend, the team travelled to Cape Breton to take part in the Don Johnson Cup which was a mere four-hour drive from Halifax…and I STILL wasn’t there.

Granted…Noah wasn’t sure if he was going either as he arrived home to Halifax and planned on starting summer work but work didn’t end up getting in the way of the hockey tournament after all. So, even though he’d originally chosen not to go…he was hell-bent on going once the games got underway and the next thing you know…he was off to join his team and cheer on the boys.

I followed on Twitter. I watched a few games online. I felt I should be there to at least show my face and prove to all of the parents that Noah actually has a mother!

That’s what I could have been doing…and I would have loved every minute of it!

Or…take Megan for instance. She’s been playing with the same club team for five years and this year, turned things on their heels when she decided to change things up. I supported her…but it’s all new parents…all new coaching…all new strategy. While I’ve missed what I knew, I’ve enjoyed the new team and parents…a few that I could now count among my friends. We’ve travelled to various tournaments and taken part in team building events as we headed into the Provincial Weekend with hopes to win Gold.

Meg wanted me there. Just as Noah wanted me in Cape Breton and Emily wanted me in Ottawa.

So…I watched Meg play volleyball last weekend…and I loved every minute of it!

By the time Sunday rolled around, Megan’s team won Gold, Noah’s team won Silver and Emily had gathered a team of friends to help her pack and move…even handling the u-haul all by herself.

Me…my heart was everywhere. At one point, I was sitting on the bleachers of the semi-final volleyball game while watching the championship hockey game over Facebook Live and texting Emily about her progress!

Despite what my kids might tell you or what an 8-year-old might draw…I don’t have a favourite child. I’m happy to be supporting and cheering on any one of them at any given time.

I celebrated the Gold Medal win with Megan and her team on Sunday afternoon…took photos and congratulated them on a job well done. That night, I stayed up extra late for Noah to arrive home and show me his Silver Medal…as he sat on the edge of my bed he relived the games and discussed the sadness of the team saying good-bye as many of the players won’t be returning next year. Then, just before I closed my eyes, in the wee hours of the morning, I heard from Emily…all moved in and exhausted from a full day of work with a great amount of support from her friends who’d arrived that morning to help her finish packing and stayed ’til she had a spot to lay her head that night.

This past weekend, with everything going on in my children’s lives and not being able to be there for everyone…it’s not the medal around the neck that makes the winner…because the biggest winner was ME!

Me, for knowing that my kids can make out perfectly fine without me. Me, for having people in their lives who can pitch in and help when I’m not there. Me, for having pretty extra-ordinary kids for filling me in and making me part of their adventures. Me, for knowing that even when I have to pick one over the others…it’s ok…they’re alright…they support one another and they completely understand.

The biggest winner this weekend was definitely ME…just ask my favourite kid…the one I’m super proud of, for making me one incredibly, lucky, grateful and happy Mom…who’s just one part, of a pretty spectacular team!

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  1. Wonderful blog Colleen. I have been in that same space many I am down to the grandchildren. Brittany moved and I would have loved to help her. Not possible so last night she FaceTimed me and showed me her new apRtment. I was so happy to be included . Brittany Had lots of help and is settling in fine.