The Perfect Fit – Models for Mental Health

This past Spring…in the middle of a million things going on in my life, myself and Stephanie Graham got together to discuss a few business ideas.

Steph and I kept running into one another at networking events and found we lit up when we were in one another’s company. We both think we’re hilarious (though we might be the only two laughing) and we have a fair bit in common with life experience and our lives as single moms. I find her incredibly inspiring and you may remember that I wrote about Steph before as part of the #KIAWorkingMom series of Inspirational Women! At some point, we thought that working together on a project would be a brilliant plan so we gathered at my place to brainstorm a few ideas, and came up with a project that could bring a few of our talents together while also enjoying one another’s company.

Unfortunately, at the same time, there were cracks in my armour. Darkness was seeping in. I was spending hours on my couch in my jammies doing absolutely nothing but feeling overwhelmed with the world.

And Stephanie saw it.

For days, she came to my home. She brought tea. She brought lunch. We talked about business plans and life in general and laughed on the couch side by side…both well aware that I wasn’t doing so great. We chatted about Mental Health and self-care, about balancing life with business…and through our chats, I somehow found the strength to finally drag myself to the doctor and ask for help.

A few nights after I started on meds, Stephanie and I sat for an evening on my kitchen floor playing with my pup.

“I can’t work with you right now,” I explained feeling an enormous amount of guilt mixed with equal part relief to finally be saying “no” to something…even when it was something I wanted to do.

“We will,” she responded with a smile on her face…”just as soon as the time is right and it all makes sense.”

There was no judgement. Zero guilt. No pressure to get over what I was feeling and push through the misery to add more work to my plate. No expectation of our friendship whatsoever. No nothing…but acceptance for who I was and what I was going through…and concern for me to get to a better place.

For days, Stephanie checked in on me while I was feeling my very worst…then moved on with a few of her own projects when she knew I was doing ok as the reality is…she has a pretty busy life to balance as well!

Stephanie owns The Perfect Fit consignment shop…a store filled with wonderful treasures that have escaped the closets of the fascinating people who chose to let them go. Last week, I popped into the shop (at 1181 Bedford Highway) and during the time I was there, sitting on the stools at the counter and chit-chatting with Steph, a solid two-dozen women popped in to peruse through the racks and say hello…two of whom are friends I hadn’t seen in a bit and how lovely it was to catch up!

The Perfect Fit is a place for women to come and play…find their style…step a little outside of their comfort zone. It’s a casual “feel good” shop where folks are chatting with one another as they search through the racks for the perfect “new” outfit. It’s a positive environment that allows you to push your boundaries and try new things without paying a fortune doing it!

Along with owning and operating her store, Stephanie LOVES to collaborate on various projects, she is a Mental Health Advocate dedicated to helping women find their truth, she’s a creative soul who uses art to release her stresses and bring her joy, and she’s a mom of three wonderful girls who have a role model they can be proud of.

I owe Stephanie a debt of gratitude for seeing what I couldn’t see and giving me the space, time, friendship and conversation to open my eyes. At some point, we’ll collaborate on a project but in the meantime, I’m simply grateful to call her my friend.


Stephanie’s latest collaboration is Models for Mental Health taking place on Tuesday evening, November 6th at the Halifax Forum. “Twenty ‘Hali-famous’ models will be ‘strutting their stuff’ wearing beautiful designer outfits from some of Nova Scotia’s leading consignment boutiques! All of this in support of Seeds of Success at Northwood, funded by the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia.”

Grab your girlfriends and head out for a night of fun! Make sure to visit all of the consignment booths and say hello to my friend Steph while you’re there!

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