Take a mental break with friends… a visit to Bent Ridge Winery & Brewery

One of the best things about working from home, is having the ability to call my own shots. My schedule is built around everything that needs to get done for my clients and family and while that can sometimes be a detriment to getting anything done for myself, it can also mean long lunches, late starts to the day and the odd Friday off!

The very, very best perk of all…is having the ability to drop everything you’re working on, jump in the car and join a few friends for a slice of pizza and a glass of wine…which is what happened in early October, as I headed down the highway to meet up with two of my blogger friends, Laura from Valley Family Fun, and Suzi from Confessions of a Fitness Instructor.

Working as Social Influencers, things can get pretty lonely and taking care of your mental health is every bit as important as taking care of your social media channels! We’re incredibly lucky for the simple fact that at a moments notice, we can open our computers and gain the support of a great many other folks…locally, nationally and internationally…who are bloggers and social influencers in a great many niches…some self-taught and others who are incredibly educated…all willing to lend a helping hand. Each of us are members of online blogger and business communities and together we’re helping one another build pretty rewarding and amazing careers. So, what makes it so lonely? Well, as colleagues, it’s rare that we actually get to see each other in real life. Working from home behind the keys of a computer, you can’t exactly mosey up to the water cooler for a quick chat mid-day or pop into one another’s offices for a cup of tea and a sit down.

When the opportunity presents itself to spend a little time together…we stop, drop and roll on down the highway to make it happen…which is what had me pulling into the parking lot at Bent Ridge Winery and Brewery, where I felt as if I’d stepped into an Italian Villa…so close to home!

Opened just this past Canada Day by the Dodge Brothers, Bent Ridge is nestled on the same property as Daniels U-Pick farm, hard by Martock Ski Hill, just outside of Windsor, Nova Scotia. While it was a wonderful place to visit on a crisp, Autumn afternoon…I can imagine that it’s simply spectacular in the middle of the Summer with the beautiful surroundings, outdoor pizza oven and fabulous verandas. AND, it’s going to be a delight during the Winter months as an Apres Ski spot OR, a “drop your kids at the hill and go have a glass of wine spot!”

Lunch was DELICIOUS. “Local Pear and Blue Cheese” thin crust, hand-made pizza cooked in an authentic Italian wood fired pizza oven was exactly what I wanted. Paired with a lovely glass of “Slightly Bent” wine and YUM! The only downfall was the lack of dessert (as in they don’t serve any)…and I was in the mood to linger a little longer over a big hunk of Tiramisu!

We laughed, joked, teased, caught up on the blogging news, shared working tips, chatted about our families, offered advice and camaraderie and friendship…it was the absolute perfect getaway just 40 minutes from my front door in a truly delightful spot that you MUST go visit. 

I am incredibly grateful to have a career that allows me to meet phenomenal people…even more thankful when I’m able to get off-line and enjoy a slice and glass of wine with them!

This coming weekend there’ll be more laughing, more learning and quite likely more wine as I, once again, jump in my car and head down the highway to Moncton for the annual BlogJam conference! I’m looking forward to seeing both Laura and Suzi…as well as a great many other friends who’ll be stepping away from their computers and enjoying a little time learning together.

Step away from your computer, get out there and explore! There’s nothing better for your mental health than a break away from the doldrums of the screen. I recommend you grab a few friends and head to Bent Ridge Winery and Brewery (and also, go follow my friends on their blogs…they’re pretty fantastic too.)

2 Replies to “Take a mental break with friends… a visit to Bent Ridge Winery & Brewery”

  1. Oh my gosh, I love this!! I love all of our different perspectives in photos, and the story, too 🙂
    Most of all, I love(d) getting together! Can’t wait to see you this weekend!
    Thank you for all your blogging support to so many!