Seeking out WOW moments!

I had an unrealistic expectation of what these antidepressants were going to do for me. Basically, I thought they would make me happy. But no…the meds have lifted the fog, taken away the panic and allowed me to feel more like myself…reacting the way I’m supposed to be reacting to anything that crosses my path. Whether I’m sad, angry, happy…I feel those feelings completely the way I’m supposed to be feeling those feelings.

As for getting to that happy place…that’s up to ME to get out of my own way, get off the couch, put myself out there, spend time with people I love, write, work, lunch with friends etc… etc… I need to FIND MY HAPPY and fill my own bucket…no one can do that for me but ME.

One of the suggestions given to me over the last few months, to combat stress and find your happy, is to create a gratitude journal. Each night, I open a book and pen down three things I was grateful for that day…taking a moment to feel the gratitude and filling a book with all of the lovely things in my life.

I started gung ho…but in no time, it all started to look so BORING! Many things are repeated in the lists of things I’m grateful for…grateful for my kids, the dog (that’s not in there too often ’cause he’s still in hard-core puppy stage), my parents, friends, that I happened to put on pants that day, that a friend dropped by on another, that I did something interesting with work…and so on. After awhile, my gratitude journal was just blah blah blah and depressing in its own right!


Quite recently, I’ve jumped on board with all the other cool kids and started listening to podcasts. First on my list as I searched through the thousands of podcasts out there…Oprah’s Super-Soul Sunday.

First, let me tell you how amazing it was to hear Oprah’s voice…as I laid in bed, not able to sleep, turning to the podcast to give myself something to do…that voice in my ear was such a beautiful thing. I think I may have missed that talk show maven as it was an absolute joy to listen to her soothing voice and unmistakable laugh.

Anyway, on one of the podcasts…I learned about WOW moments and I have to tell you, this is a game-changer for me!

How it works…throughout the day, look for the moments that make you say WOW. It can be a little wow…as you might be in the slumps and can’t get much of a wow going…or a big WOW…as you celebrate some of the big things in life. It could be a sunset, the sun rise…absolutely anything that for a second makes you think “wow that’s fantastic” but when you see the wow, STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING for just a moment and be grateful. Look outside of yourself and for that moment, just say “thank you” to the universe, God, a spiritual connection you have…hope. Just recognize for a brief moment that this is something rather spectacular, something to be grateful for, something to lift your spirits and see the world as a happier place.

The first few days, I started searching out the WOW moments but now, the moments are just starting to drop in front of me. Most days lately I’m seeing wow after wow!

It sounds hokey…a little weird maybe…a bit hippy dippy if you will. But I think we’re all surrounded by such negativity all of the time that it’s hard to see the positive and amazing things through all of the fog.

I’ve had a lot of wow moments lately.

This sunset.

This cup of tea.

The birth of this exquisite little creature.

The giggle that couldn’t be contained when Meg logged into her Webkinz account that she hadn’t accessed since elementary school.

This photo of my Mom and Dad sent to me by my Aunt when they were away in Newfoundland and I was missing them.

This game of cards.

This starting lineup.

And this attack to name a few.

All…WOW moments that make me feel thankful…blessed…and yes, incredibly happy.

Give it a try and see if it works for you. Find the WOW Moments and take time to feel the gratitude and lift your soul. For me at the moment, it’s filling my bucket and clearing the way to see more of the joy around me…and we all need a little more joy in our lives.

I’m seeing out WOW moments…finding my happy…listening to PodCasts and feeling pretty fantastic!

Do you have a podcast you’d recommend? Let me know what you’re listening to in the comments below…I’m excited to be inspired!

9 Replies to “Seeking out WOW moments!”

  1. This is fantastic!!! It’s so good to stop and appreciate those moments, because they are what makes life so full and wonderful!!

    • I’m back to appreciating absolutely everything it seems! They really are the moments that make life so full.

  2. I LOVE this idea! Today my “wow” moment was playing in the dye pot at my rug-hooking class. We mixed the most beautiful colours and dipped in pieces of natural-coloured wool, and WOW — like dyeing Easter eggs x 1,000,000.

    Podcast-wise, I highly recommend Happier, Happier in Hollywood, and Young House Love Has a Podcast. I also like I Hate It But I Love It, which has two delightful (Canadian) ladies talking about a different TV show or movie in each episode.

    • I love this WOW moment!!! Did you record any of it…I’m going to go check out your Insta Stories and see! Also…adding the podcasts to my list. Thanks for the recos.

  3. So great to hear!! I seek out WOW moments too. My favorite podcast is Rachel Hollis RISE. ?

    • Adding RISE to the list!!!! So many good ones out there. I feel like my mind has opened to such new and wonderful content.