I’ve been napping…

Exactly where have I been that I’ve neither posted on social media nor have I published a blog post in over a month?

I’ll be completely honest with you…I’ve been napping.


I mean…I’m not ALWAYS napping. I’m staying on top of my work during the day plus doing a few extra things on the days I have a little more energy…and if you follow me on Instastories you can often catch my hilarious (if I do say so myself) middle-of-the-night Insomnia posts as I try to entertain myself…but mostly…I’ve been napping!

Until this last few months, I’ve not really been much of a napper but at the moment…there is NO FUEL LEFT IN THE TANK so the routine lately has been to sleep in, work a little, Netflix & Nap, work some more, drag myself around and maybe nap again before eventually heading to bed where I spend the night drifting in and out of sleep in various fits of insomnia, hot baths and leg cramps…then I do it all over again the next day.

Last month, I wrote a post about everything going on with me medically but within a few hours, I hauled it back down onaccounta not really wanting a big negative WOE IS ME post on the blog when so many people are suffering many more hardships than I am! (For those of you who did see it…I sooooo appreciate all of your comments and words of support!)

PLUS…while I’m an entrepreneur and constantly chasing the next project…the last thing a potential client needs to see is an “I’m quite miserable” post as really, who’d want to work with me after seeing that?

I’ll tell you who…

Everyone…please join me in welcoming Dr’s Ben Connolly and Ashley Margeson and the team at Cornerstone Naturopathic…as we begin a brand new partnership on Curtains are Open where they’re about to make my Lifestyle Blog SO MUCH BETTER as they infuse a bit of “LIFE” back into my lifestyle!!

We’ve had a quick meeting to go over a few details, but in the coming weeks, we’ll have a proper in-take meeting to go through all of my ailments and put together a plan to get me back in fighting shape.

Or at the very least…off the couch!

I have been CRAZY TIRED as I’m dealing with being anemic and without a good flow of blood through my system…there’s simply not enough energy to keep going the way I had been. Things have been slowly depleting over time until recently, my body shut down and decided that enough was enough.

From the stresses over the last few years to an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, peri-menopause, some joint issues and burning the candle at both ends…throw in shingles and recurring sinus Infections…and my system finally decided to REBEL AGAINST ME!

But luckily, there’s help!

I am a wonderful mix of run down, out-of-shape, bloodwork-gone-wonky, no reserves left, tired, stressed, wore out, chronic pain, peri-menopausal client that’s the perfect fit for a Brand Ambassadorship with Cornerstone Naturopath!

Over the next number of months, we’ll work together to get my life back and in the process, I’ll be writing several blog and social media posts about various services and procedures that the clinic offers.

It’s time for me to WAKE UP and get my life rolling again!

With the help of the team at Cornerstone, we’ll be ramping up this blog AND ME as I get my health back to where it needs to be.

My LIFE and Curtains are Open, are about to get a whole lot more exciting!!!

And I couldn’t be more grateful, for the help.

Please join me in welcoming the team from Cornerstone Naturopathic and show them what an amazing readership I have, by following them on Facebook & Instagram.

Check out Cornerstone Naturopathic online. What services and procedures are you interested in learning more about? (Let me know in the comments…it will help as we put together a few ideas for the next few months.)

3 Replies to “I’ve been napping…”

  1. Good luck with your new work. I do hope it works. I’ll be watching. Napping is my favorite but I do work night shifts so I have an excuse 😛