Following in her footsteps…

For as long as I can remember my mom has been a writer, whether she chooses to believe it, or not. She would write in a journal almost every night, which I remember specifically because I began writing diaries just to be like her…of course mine were all about my childhood crushes!

I’ve always wanted to be exactly like my Mom.

I heard her say she wanted to be a writer many times growing up. I think she defined being a writer as publishing a book, or being extremely successful with it as a career. But to me, Mom always has been a writer and I never quite understood what she meant when saying she “wanted to be one.”

Mom constantly told us to follow our dreams. She went back to school after regretting not following hers, which had been to go down a more creative path. She wanted us to be able to make the right decision from the start.

I watched her struggle, but also thrive.

She was determined.

Mom began writing her blog and got her diploma in graphic design then went straight to work. She is the hardest working woman I know, working many more hours than the average person. She published her book “Full Speed Ahead” and I bragged about her whenever I got the chance (I still do). I watch her shine each time she gets recognized in public, bringing her closer to her dreams, and showing her what her writing can do.

My Mom has remained my biggest role model…however, I no longer want to be EXACTLY like her and that’s okay. That said, she has inspired everything I’ve done since day one:

  • She is the reason I have my love for horses…although she is scared of them!
  • She gave me my love for art and tattoos…although she doesn’t like tattoos and will most likely never be getting one from me (I’ll convince her someday).
  • She has inspired my love for singing…although Mom isn’t the greatest singer.
  • My love of cooking… although she could even find a way to burn water.
  • My love of makeup…even though she doesn’t know how to put it on herself!
  • And even my love for sports…although with that girls hips she might wanna stick to being our number one fan!

Mom has been sharing my story for years, both the good times and some of the bad times, checking with me before each post to be sure to keep my privacy. Over time I’ve been recognized in public by people who I don’t know and it’s always seemed strange. They say they feel as if they know so much about me and ask me specific questions about stuff I know they would have read about on the blog.

Well, I’ve reached the point where I’m ready to share my perspective on life and my past experiences, as well as my many adventures to come as my story is only beginning.

With the help of Curtains are Open, I’m following in Mom’s footsteps as I write about my dreams and passions. Inspired by my former blog name, Bones, and my love of Tattoos…welcome to The Boneyard!

This is my story…

10 Replies to “Following in her footsteps…”

  1. Congratulations! Enjoy it as it comes. Also not a tattoo fan. I just don’t get it but I did just read a story about preserved tattoos, that was very interesting.

  2. I had excitement and warmth in my heart Megan when I saw this and read your post!! Can’t wait to read more! I’m blessed to know you and can’t wait to read your posts and see your adventures!!

  3. Good luck Megan, I look forward to reading your posts, you are a natural just like your Mom.

  4. Hi Megan. Wonderful post.You have a great talent for writing.I always thought tall is great.Great fashions for tall people and tall always looks confident.keep up the good work and you have a great future ahead of you.Love Aunt BettyP