9 Things I LOVE About Apartment Living

I REALLY didn’t think I was going to like living in this apartment!

I was looking at houses and had myself convinced that I was going to move out of the city to find something a little smaller. I was thinking a lake-house would suit me…somewhere “cottagey” that would keep the kids (and their future families) visiting.

However, a number of friends pointed out that living out of town was probably not the brightest idea as I have a tendency to hermit myself away…and over and over, folks were telling me that apartment living was the way to go!

So, after a lot of thought (and the knowledge that if I didn’t like it I could move after a year’s lease was up), I began apartment hunting and eventually, found this fantastic place that had never been lived in, is modern and full of space…and has fabulous light!

And…after two months, I can honestly say, I LOVE IT!

In particular:

1. I like being high up!

I’m on the 9th floor and really quite like the height. I’m not sure I’d want to be higher as I’ve not had a fire alarm go off yet, but if it ever does, I’m probably not going to be thrilled with walking 9 flights down (let alone more) with the thought of an emergency going on…but, I love sitting on my deck and looking out over the neighbourhood below…plus the mosquitos can’t seem to find me high up AND the sunsets are AMAZING!

2. Undergound Parking!

It’s absolutely EASY to pull into a parking spot and head upstairs in any kind of weather without a care in the world! I managed to get myself one of those fancy carts so I can carry things upstairs rather than having my arms loaded up or taking more than one trip.. and I have a storage unit where I can store the cart (and a great many other things) so it’s there and waiting for me when I need it the next time. And all this…while the weather is pretty good…so just imagine how much I’ll love it come winter!

3. One Level Living!

Who knew I’d love not having stairs! I really like everything being on the same floor ESPECIALLY my laundry room that’s directly off the kitchen. Basically, I’m done with hauling dirty clothes to the basement and then all the way up to the bedrooms again and my lifetime hatred of laundry has now become an EASY task! PLUS…the stairs in my house, were really just a catchall for the stuff I gathered that either needed to go up or go down when really, I was the only one that ever picked it up to move it and without stairs…that old habit of mine is GONE!

4. I’m not quite alone!

I mean…I am…the kids have all moved out…but I quite like knowing that as a single person, I’m not absolutely alone. At any moment I could knock on a door in an emergency. Plus, I hear a few noises (though it’s pretty soundproof) around me and I rather like the feeling of not being here all by myself. AND, it’s kind of nice seeing friendly faces on the elevator and meeting new people in the building.

5. The Neighbourhood is AWESOME!

Much as I miss my neighbours, I love that I’m living within walking distance of so many great places like Patrons Bar and Grill, The Second Cup, Shoppers Drug Mart, Cows Ice Cream, NSLC, Morris East and more! Everything is around me so I don’t really have to go very far. Popping down to the coffee shop with my computer is easy peasy and meeting friends for drinks is just a few steps away. (Plus, when I sit on my deck, I can smell the fresh waffle cones cooking at COWs and that’s better than any scented candle on the market!)

6. Lobby Mailboxes!

Like seriously…MAIL IN THE LOBBY! Honestly…I forgot how awesome home delivery can be and while it’s not quite to my door…it’s pretty darned close. Suddenly, I’m checking my mail and saying hi to my neighbours and my mailbox never fills up for weeks at a time as it once did! (Send me mail…I’d love to hear from you!)

7. Oscar and I are FRIENDS!

Who knew I’d suddenly LOVE garbage! In my house…the Thursday chore of dragging my garbage to the curb…trying to remember if it was garbage, compost or recycle day and having a garage full of collected boxes that I didn’t want to flatten and group together is GONE! Now, I simply haul a bag or box down to the garbage room in the parking garage when I head out and that’s it and that’s all! NOTHING TO IT! I can throw out garbage ANY TIME I WANT!

8. Loving What’s Around Me!

I LOVE not having as much stuff as I had before! I downsized my life so the things that are around me are the things I really want. Don’t get me wrong…I don’t quite follow the Marie Kondo “joy” thing but at the same time, having so much less “stuff” in my life feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The apartment is wayyy easier to clean (helps that the kids are gone) and the space feels so much more like ME than the one I had before.

9. Landlords and Handymen

And, finally, while I’ve not yet had to call them to come and fix something that’s not working…how amazing is it that I’ve folks at my fingertips who’ll fix what’s broken! PLUS, I have to say, the landlords in this building are really awesome folks.


So…while I’m enjoying apartment living and all it entails, I’d love a bit of company and really think you should all come join me! Or…at the very least, pop by for a visit.!

Check out my video tour (I’m no videographer so lower your expectations RIGHT NOW…because for starters, I didn’t even turn the camera the right way when I took it!!!) Big thanks to Suzi for teaching me how to make a video (this is my first attempt…but more to come.) And to Lori for being my very first overnight house guest!

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