My 2020 Guiding Word

I’ve big plans for 2020…but I don’t know how to put any of them in place. 

I’m comfortable. Life is pretty good. I have great people around me and things have been going relatively well for the last while. 

But I’m complacent, cozy on my couch and far too careful for my own good. For the last while, I’ve found that I hold back…I don’t push my boundaries…I stay a little in the background and don’t quite have the same drive that I had before. 

I don’t break rules. 

While I have a comfortable and enjoyable life…I want to figure out how to make that life extraordinary? But how do I push myself when it’s easier to stay put? 

This year, I’ve chosen two new topics for my blog. My plan is to do 20 NEW adventures in 2020 but at this point, I’ll be stuffing them all in during the last few months as I’ve done NOTHING to come up with a January “adventure”. Along with adventures, I’ve decided to start dating after ten years but once again, I’ve done NOTHING to make it happen and while I believe that I’m not meant to live this life alone…no one is just “showing up” on my couch and I have to make a move.

Step one to living my best life was to get my health in check and while I’ve still a long way to go…I’m in a much better place than I have been in YEARS so it’s really time to kick things in gear!  

My Guiding Word for 2020 is DARING! 

I’m going to DARE to try new things, voice my opinions, take risks, get uncomfortable, and make mistakes.

In the process, I hope to gain more insight, have more fun, stretch my imagination and enjoy this life I’m living in a way I’ve never enjoyed it before.

I’m daring to dream. Daring to live a bigger life. Daring myself to not always play by the rules. 

Granted, I’m not looking for anyone else to “Dare Me” to do things as I’m not exactly looking to jump out of a plane or stand on the edge of the cliff…but I’m hoping that a year of DARING myself out of my comfort zones, will allow me to grow as I’ve never grown before.

I love this life I’ve made. I feel successful in many areas of my life. I’m in a pretty good place surrounded by awesome people…but in 2020, I’m daring myself to live a life much bigger than the one I’ve been coasting through.

I can’t wait to see how this year unfolds!

xo Colleen

If you’ve chosen a guiding word for 2020 I’d love to hear it.  Drop me a comment on the blog and if you’re wondering about past words I’ve chosen, here are the links:

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11 Replies to “My 2020 Guiding Word”

  1. I love it!!! Can’t wait to see what adventures being daring will take you on!! And honestly, I’m hoping to tag along on a few, too! My word for 2020 is Seek…so who knows where I’ll end up either!!

    • Oh I’m hoping you’re part of a few of my adventures as well!!! And I read your post about SEEK…I LOVE IT!!!

  2. After all you’ve been through, and for what you’ve accomplished, this seems like the next logical step so DARING is very appropriate. Can’t wait to read about. You go girl! Dare to be YOU!

    • It completely freaks me out…but, I’m hoping it will help me push myself. Put it out into the universe and see what happens!

    • Thank you!!! I’m thinking I could be in for a bit of trouble with this word!!! 🙂