What do you give the person who has EVERYTHING?

Do you send flowers to your grandma on her birthday? When was the last time you sent them to your mom, your sister, your godmother, best friend or favourite aunt? 

Do you wait for a special occasion? A birthday? Graduation? Anniversary? Or are you more of an out-of-the-blue sort of person? 

And what do you write on the card? 

I love getting flowers and equally enjoy sending them…there’s something about brightening someone’s day and letting them know exactly what they mean to you. So, when deciding on a whole new design for my “Things We Love About You” artwork…I chose to design an entire theme around flowers! But in this case..what you say when you send these flowers, is a whole lot more than what can fit on a tiny florist card! 

Things we love about you

I first made “70 things We Love About You” for my father’s birthday. Five years later, I gave one to Mom for her 75th, and during that time, I hadn’t changed the design at all. For me…this has been the gift that keeps on giving as I’ve sold over 2600 pieces, in multiple languages, all over the world for various occasions including birthdays, retirement, anniversaries, graduations and “just because” gifts.

But…it was time for a refresh!

My project has been a HUGE WIN for me. What started as a side-hustle, has turned into my main source of income and while that’s pretty spectacular, I also can’t even begin to tell you how rewarding it is to peer into the lives of people around the world…to see all of the ways people love one another…all of the things that connect us together…that we cherish and find most valuable.

70 Things we love about you

The reviews that people send me are beautiful…and the photos I receive from folks who share the experience…really warms my heart.

It truly is the gift to give to someone who has everything…but even bigger than that…it’s the gift that allows you to share with someone you admire, EXACTLY what they mean to you.

70 Things

While I love to MAKE them and really felt great GIVING them…let me tell you, RECEIVING one is EVEN BETTER! In 2018, my children gave me a “50 Things We Love About You” piece for my birthday and it was OVERWHELMING to read all of the amazing things that friends and family members said about me. It truly was, the perfect gift (and I plan on writing a post about receiving one soon!)

I have four brand new floral designs that I’d love for you to share with your friends by posting this blog on your social media feed or pinning it to Pinterest! And for all of you who’ve already purchased one of these from me, THANK YOU so much!!!!

For a limited time, use the code ILOVEFLORAL to receive 25% off one of the new floral prints! That’s my gift to you for reading all the way to the bottom of this post and showing me all of the love and support you’ve had for the last number of years!

70th birthday gift

For more information, visit my Etsy shop HERE or click on some of the links throughout the post!

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Seventy Things we Love About You

3 Replies to “What do you give the person who has EVERYTHING?”

  1. Love the new floral design!

    My hubby’s 50th is this year and I’ve decided this is going to be the perfect gift. 🙂