Happy 28th Birthday my Beautiful Girl…

It’s hard to believe that 28 years ago, I became a Mom.


Time and again, as all parents do, I shake my head with the passing of time. There’s that saying, “long days – short years”, that’s never more clear than on the birthdate of your child.

The very first time I fell madly in love at first sight…was the moment that Emily was born. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her…still can’t if I’m being honest. I was in awe of every single stage of her childhood and now, as a grown woman leading her own life…I’m still in awe.

Everything she does is spectacular. I’m her biggest fan whether she realizes it or not. I love listening to her stories, hearing her voice, spending time in her presence.

She made me a mom.

Through ten years of blogging, I’ve written much about my relationship with my children and all of the milestones we’ve reached along the way. The words, never quite reveal the depth of how I feel but each time write about them…I try.

I think my children know they’re loved beyond reason. I hope they feel supported and safe. I believe they know there’s always room for them at home…if ever they should need it. I’m beyond proud of everything they’ve accomplished.


28 glorious years, of being a mom.


The following posts…are my favourite 5 posts about Emily…that sort of, kind of describe what she means to me. Have a read through the years…they really fly by…

1. Emily’s Mom

It was her 23rd birthday when I was finally able to write exactly what Em means to me…when we switched from a pure “mom-daughter” relationship, to “friendship”. Emily made me who I am…as she made me step up to the plate and be the person I was meant to be.

2. Things I Forgot to Mention

It was at Heathrow airport, leaving Emily in France to study for a year abroad when I LOST IT! I wondered if I’d taught her enough as I left her alone in a country so far from home. Here are all of the things I was afraid I hadn’t mentioned…

3. Make you feel my love…

Another moment when I lost it! (I’ve had so many as I don’t do so well with change.) I was dropping Emily off at her second year at University at St. F.X and as we neared the town, a song came on that made me feel all the feels…

4. Lassie’s big adventure…

During her first year of university, I drove 5 hours just so Em could see her pup. Here’s how it all went down…

5. Verclempt

At her high school graduation, as I chased her around Public Gardens with my camera, I was reminded of the toddler days as I chased her around with my camera as well…trying to capture that perfect photo that explained exactly what it meant to love…it’s hard to capture the photo…

Happy Birthday Emily!!! You continue to leave me in awe…every single day.


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