Social Distancing? Here’s what you can do when you live alone!

About this post: Following the advice of the World Health Organization, I’m Social Distancing during this Covid-19 Pandemic. Here’s how I’m planning on spending my time alone in this big ol’ empty nest of mine!


This “empty nesting” thing I’m doing continues to be interesting to navigate! Take now, for instance, we’re in the middle of a WORLDWIDE virus that has full countries in lockdown as we try to slow the progress of the COVID-19 virus.

I’m hunkered down at home…social-distancing as they call it. In fact, the reality is, I have been mostly laying low for a few weeks now as I’ve been dealing with a chest cold that I didn’t want to spread to others or get worse for myself. Now, with this pandemic and the fact that I’m one of the “vulnerable”, I’m taking every precaution that I can and listening to what the World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control and Nova Scotia Health Authority have to say.

BUT, staying by myself in my apartment with no one to entertain me…could prove to be a little bit BORING!!! So, here’s what I’ve planned for keeping myself entertained in this empty nest of mine!

Working from Home:

Lucky for me…I already work from home. So, first things first, I can throw myself into my job and see what I can do about increasing my profits, make a few goals and plans for the year and so on. I’m incredibly blessed that everything I need for work is right at my fingertips except surely I can’t work ALL THE TIME! So…what else can I do around here that can make me feel useful?

Stay In Touch:

For starters, I’m staying in touch with people and using technology to do so. I’m not really one to talk on the phone, but I’m happy to text and actually quite happy to video chat. My kids and my folks are pretty good at staying in touch but I’ll also be reaching out to some friends to keep both them and myself company.

Tea With Me:

I mentioned on Instagram the other day that I’d love to have Tea with some folks…those I know and others I’ve never really met except for online. If you have some time, boil the kettle and send me a message and let’s have a chat!

Curl up with a Book :

There was a time I read a great many books but these last few years, I’ve been rather slack. Last month I read “Where the Crawdads Sing” and thoroughly enjoyed it. So, I went online and ordered three books from Chapters; Educated, A Summer Affair, and My Dark Vanessa. AND…here’s a thought, why not grab a copy as well, and we can have a book discussion later in the month over that cup of tea!!! If you’re interested, let me know and we can get something started.

Writing and Blog Work:

Over the next weeks, I’ll be pounding out some drafts and getting some ideas ready to pitch to companies when this is all over. I’ve a number of blog posts that could use updating and SEO work so I’ll be doing a deep dive into Curtains to see what I’ll change. If you’ve any ideas for posts you’d like to see…send me a message. PLUS…I think I’ll write some cards and letters…go completely old school and pop a few notes in the mail for folks as there’s nothing more enjoyable than getting a little mail!

Puzzles and Games:

I’ve always wanted to go to Cinq Terre so, I ordered a puzzle from Amazon (order yours by clicking the affiliate link HERE). As soon as it arrives, I’ll be clearing the dining room table (as I’m not expecting dinner parties anytime soon) and setting up the puzzle to work on! As well, I have some games on my phone that usually help pass the time…mostly word games…and I’ll be looking to add a few more. If you have a suggestion for a fun game to play, let me know!

Netflix, Disney, Amazon Prime:

I watch a LOT of Netflix while I work on my Etsy projects, and I’m sure I’ll be watching even more! As well, I’m going to see what’s on Amazon Prime as I really enjoyed Miss Maisel. AND, rumor has it, Disney is releasing Frozen2 a little early so I might just see about their free 7 day trial and catch up on a few Disney Shows I haven’t seen! To be honest, I was never able to watch Toy Story 3 when Andy was heading off to university as it was a little too close to home at the time…so maybe I’ll watch it now that I’m getting a little used to this empty nest of mine!!! Is there a show you think I should watch? Leave a message in the comments!

Organize a Few Things:

There is always room to organize a few things around here. In fact, there are about four boxes tucked away in closets that haven’t been unpacked since I moved into this apartment…and my storage room in the parking garage is a WRECK! So, maybe I’ll take the downtime to catch up on a few things that need to be done.

Craft Time and Photo Albums:

There was a time I absolutely loved crafts and I’m quite sure I have a few projects around here that could use some finishing…some needlework and scrapbooking come to mind! I’m a fan of creating…so I’m sure I’ll look into a few things I can do to bide my time while I’m at home. AND…there’s all of those printed photos in boxes that I’ve sworn I’ll get at “someday” and organize them and…well…now might be the time!

Go for a Walk or Hit the Highway!

And…just because I’m social-distancing doesn’t mean I have to stay in my apartment by myself ALL of the time! There are a good many paths around here to go for a walk PLUS, I’m happy to jump in the car and go for a drive AND I might actually take the time to CLEAN MY CAR since I’ve been putting that off forever!

Self Care:

YUP…it’s going to be boring in this house of mine BUT, I can handle the boredom! I’m counting on staying touch with a few folks, working, and throwing in a bit of self-care…a few extra bubble baths, a face mask or two, some extra naps and comfy clothes.

We are in strange times at the moment but with social-distancing, we really can help to “flatten the curve” and take care of those around us while we’re taking care of ourselves.

I’m hanging out by myself…in this ol’ empty nest of mine…entertaining myself as best as I can and catching up on all of those things I’d planned on doing on a “rainy day”…the rainy day is here!!!

If you have any suggestions for me…add them in the comments! I’m always happy to hear from you (in fact, now…more than ever!!!)

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