The importance of telling someone how much you love them…

About this post: Now, more than ever, we need to connect with friends and family. For my 50th birthday, my children gave me the “50 things We Love About You” piece and I’ve been re-reading it on the days I need a little extra boost to my heart. Do you know someone celebrating a special occasion in the coming days, weeks or months? This might be the time to tell them how awesome they are!


Over the last few years I’ve sold numerous “Things We Love About You” posters from my Etsy site. Time and again, folks from all over the world have told me how amazing it was to share with their loved one exactly how much of an impact they’ve had on the lives of people who are closest to them.

I can attest to that feeling as I’ve given this gift to both my Mom and my Dad on their birthdays…and it truly is a JOY to read all of the amazing things that people say about someone you admire. Watching both my Mom and Dad open their present, then sit back and read the tributes…laughing at some of the stories, remembering others fondly, and being surprised about what some people said…well, it’s kind of an amazing feeling to be able to give someone that “gift of love”. 

Giving these presents left me with the most wonderful feeling in the world and proved to me the old saying that “giving is better than receiving”. That is UNTIL I GOT ONE…and let me tell you, receiving is just as wonderful! 

In May 2018, for my 50th birthday, my children contacted friends and family and asked that they send in notes about me…an attribute someone may admire, a favourite memory, or a fun story. My kids had a family friend purchase my Etsy template and help them put it together…so I was completely surprised when they presented it to me at my party.

Recently, I re-did the piece and had it framed to match my office…and I have to tell you…seeing it hanging there and being able to read all of the beautiful sentiments…well simply put, everyone should be told how much they’re loved!

I read things that people said about me that warms my heart. To be honest, I don’t really have enough words to explain the feeling except to say that I truly feel LOVED…I feel SEEN for who I am and how I try to present myself to the world. The people who mean the most to me in this world told me how much I meant to them and the simple fact that all of the things I am and all of the things I do…the person I try to be…is actually noticed by others…that’s a pretty fantastic revelation. 

One aunt said that being her firstborn niece made me incredibly special to her. Another commented on my strength and perseverance.  A cousin reminded me of so many wonderful childhood memories with our Nanny and Poppy and still, another, called me a “badass mom.” My children…my parents…my brothers and niece…they said touching things that mean the absolute world to me. A friend said I “light up a room when I enter.” Many commented on my work, my writing, my love for my family. My uncle thanked me for the love I show my parents and another, said he enjoyed my company.

Reading the 50 plus comments from people I love felt unbelievable. So much that I had a Sally Field’s moment of “You love me…you really love me.”

I have re-read that piece so many times over the last two years and on days when I’m feeling down…all I have to do is re-read it once again, to know the impact I’ve made on others.

These last few weeks, I’ve found myself reading the piece a little bit more as I’m reminded more than ever, how important it is to connect with people…to tell them you love them…to show them you care.  

I count myself incredibly blessed to be surrounded by people who I cherish…who cherish me in return. We may not be able to see each other at the moment but I hold a special place in my heart for each and every one of them…and it’s wonderful to know, that they hold a place in their heart for me as well. 

While we’re all facing so much uncertainty in our lives, reach out to those you love…I’m sure there’s someone right now, who needs to know how important they are to you.

Sending Love and Light


Is there someone in your life who has a celebration on the horizon…a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or retirement? The “Things We Love About You” piece might be the perfect way to let them know how special they are. 

Visit my Etsy shop, Drawbridge Creative, for all of the details on how you can order a “Things We Love About You” piece and as an added bonus over the next few months, I’ll be including co-ordinating “Things we Love About You” social pieces so you can tag your loved one on your Facebook or Instagram…so the entire world knows how amazing they are!

Please share this post with others as I truly would appreciate a little extra “love” right now while I work to keep my business afloat! xo