When you’re feeling overwhelmed…laughter, truly is the best medicine

– Auliq Ice
About this post: There are quite a few people out there on Social Media that are putting a smile on my face and keeping my spirits a little bit lighter during these tough times. I’ve listed a few of my favourites…but I would love to hear a few of yours.


These past few weeks I’d been watching the news first thing each morning and, well, that wasn’t going so well.

My day was starting with me feeling overwhelmed from the get go…before I’d even had my first cup of tea and before my feet hit the floor.

So…I’ve changed things up and instead, I search out the stories that make me laugh…raising my spirits a little and getting my day started on a positive note before I dive into the stuff that scares me.

Leading the pack…Jimmy Fallon. Daily, I catch up with “The Tonight Show: At Home Edition” and get a charge out of watching as he tries to maintain somewhat of a “normal” show, with his daughters, Winnie and Frannie, and his dog Gary thrown in the mix.

It’s humbling, comfortable even, to see the people he’s interviewing…all in the exact same place that the rest of us are. HOME…and trying to come to grips with everything going on in the world.

His show is wholesome, silly, real, and joyous…exactly what I need and each morning with my first cup of tea as I jump on YouTube to catch his antics.

Along with Fallon, I sometimes take a peek at Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah and a few of the other late-night talk show hosts that are suddenly finding themselves working from home…and I follow Ellen on a regular basis on Instagram and really am looking forward to her home show that’s about to start up this week.

All of these folks make me laugh and while I get a bit of “news” from them, I’m mostly there to take my mind away from everything else that’s going on in the world.

If you’re looking for laughs on Instagram, I highly recommend you follow Leslie Jordan and his “Pillow Talks”. He truly is a delight to listen to and I can’t get enough of his “boredom.”

For the funniest make-up tutorials I’ve ever seen, Chelsea Peretti is hitting it out of the park! Honest to goodness I have no idea how her brain works but each time she posts a video, I’m delighted with the results and truly wish I’d had the smarts to think of it myself!

As for “local” Instagram folks…check out my hilarious friend Tiffany who, like Chelsea, has one of those brains that leaves you wondering how she possibly comes up with this stuff! While Tiffany’s company, The Curated Root, is worth following for her beautiful clothing…her Instagram Stories are comic gold as she fills you in on her daily musings of life as an entrepreneur.

While I’m finding lots to giggle about on Instagram (and also Twitter keeps me rather amused), Tik Tok has kept me thoroughly entertained! In fact, on multiple occasions, I’ve gotten trapped down the rabbit hole of watching random people and really and truly getting a lost in all of the hilarity out there.

For local…I HAVE to mention my best friend’s son, Brendan, as the videos he’s posted of my hilarious friend (the one you lovingly know on my blog as “Crazy”), are simply spectacular. I can just imagine her frustration of self-isolating with her 20-year-old son as he meanders around the house taking TikToks of her…it really and truly tickles my funny bone!


Wasn’t really the reaction I expected ##reallifeathome ##fyp ##foryou ##thrifted ##parents ##alwaysnaked ##boredathome

♬ original sound – keelerbrendan

As well…I get a kick out of Cailin O’Neil, a local travel blogger who, like all of us, is trying to figure out how to work her business while staying at home!


Quarantine Safari! Which animal is your favorite? ? ##tiktoktravel ##safari ##reallifeathome ##stayathome ##travel

♬ Safari – African Music

And then…there’s Kayla Short from Short Presents, whose Lip Synching is pretty fantastic!


When I see people not social distancing outside my window ?‍♀️ @lisarinnaofficial ##ineedadrink ##over30 ##tiktoklipsync ##lipsyncforyourlife ##lipsync

♬ original sound – chrisadams100

Obviously we all have different senses of humour…but these are are few folks who are keeping me entertained these days.

Is there someone or something you’re watching on TV, Netflix or social media that keeps you smiling? Let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to check it out!

It’s tough out there…and those who can entertain us in times of great stress, are truly worth their weight in gold.

It’s what I need right now as laughter is like a windshield wiper, it doesn’t stop the rain, but it sure does allow us to keep on going!