Wish List Wednesday (Week 2)

About this Post: For ten Wednesdays leading up to the holidays, I’ll share with you some of my favourite things (a la Oprah Winfrey) in these “Wish List Wednesday” posts. Click on the links where you can purchase online, or visit their shops where they’d be delighted to see you! All products come from local businesses, that have surely felt the sting of this pandemic. Be sure to visit them, and follow them on social media. If you have a shop you think I should feature, please send me a message.

Well…Week 1 of Wish List Wednesday was a grand success, with lots of folks clicking on links and sending me questions about where I found my favourite products and how to order them!

So…here goes Week 2!

When you’re done having a peek, make sure to click on the links and follow these local businesses on social media!

Here are this week’s finds in something cozy, something shiny, something to wear, something tasty, something that makes me smile, and something for the home.


What’s cozier than a new pair of jammies? NOTHING…that’s what!

This week, I picked up a new pair of PJs from La Femme Fatale Plus in Sunny Side Mall and they are the absolute perfect lounging pajamas! Plus…what’s better than this leopard pattern!!!

Visit their shop in the mall, order online or follow them on Instagram.

PLEASE NOTE: Full disclosure…after several visits to the shop and multiple purchases, I’m now a BRAND AMBASSADOR for La Femme Fatale because I LOVE THEIR CLOTHES! Clothing starts at size 12 and they have some fantastic treasures in store! If you purchase, make sure to use the code CURTAINS10 to receive 10% off your order.


Nothing says BLING like Nova Scotia Crystal when it catches the light!

I’m a fan of their vases, candle holders, scotch glasses, and more…but, I thought I’d showcase their exquisite holiday ornaments as each year, they create a new one to commemorate the year (which, to be honest, I’m surprised this year’s ornament isn’t just a broken pile of crystal!)

My friend has been collecting these for years and has quite a few hung from her windows and they’re simply GORGEOUS! Truly, a wonderful collection to start for a special person in your life.

Visit Nova Scotia Crystal online to view their collection…or pop into their Downtown Halifax shop where, if you’re super lucky, you’ll glimpse the makers at work!


What’s better than a charcuterie board full of fabulous cheeses and meats and fabulous spreads? How about one you don’t have to make yourself…delivered to your door in a fabulous box FILLED with wonderful treats!!

Honey Bliss Boxes are the PERFECT treat for date night or an evening with friends…AND, you can get a snack box filled with treats as well!!!

Visit them on Instagram for more information and check out their highlight reel on how to order.


Why do I find curse words so FREAKING FUNNY?

Also…I really love CHEESE!

Visit Biscuit General Store online to see their fun giftware including these great tea towels. If you haven’t been to their shop on Argyle Street…it’s totally worth a visit. They truly have fantastic style in both clothing and fun gifts.


Every single time I wear my Art Pays Me hoodie…someone asks me about it or compliments me on it. As an Artist, it truly feels wonderful to make money doing something I love.

Check out the Art Pays Me website and podcast…and do a little shopping for the artist in your life!


I’ve been a fan of Indie Home for quite some time…as my friend and owner, Kimiko, has such an amazing sense of style and design.

In fact, I’ve purchased her locally sourced Prana Rocks for a few different people!

Locally source and lit with coconut…these rocks have the most beautiful glow that would suit any decor.

Visit Indie Home online to see lots of treasures…and make sure to follow them on Instagram.


While I’m happy to support local businesses, I’d be super happy to have your support as well!

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This holiday, ask your family to share their favourite holiday memories, foods, stories, and traditions…and I’ll help you put together a customized piece that will be treasured for years to come. More than any time…we all want to feel connected when we aren’t able to be together.

Visit my Etsy shop to order a customized print for the holidays, or take a peek at the custom birthday, wedding, and baby shower gifts. AND, be sure to follow my graphic design shop on Instagram at Drawbridge Creative , or my blog on Instagram at Queen of Curtains.


And that’s another wrap! Head back up through the post and click on all of the links to peruse around the shops to find the treasures I suggested and some others you’re likely to find. It’s so important that we help out local businesses as we head into the holiday season as 2020 has surely been tough on so many entrepreneurs!

Happy Shopping!

PS – If you have a local shop you think I should know about…please send me a message and I’ll check them out.

PPS – All photos have been shared from the individual business websites or social media accounts…and link back to their sites.