Content Creators (Part 1) – Spill-the-Tea

Spill-the-Tea is a blog series about all things to do with Influencer Marketing. While I’m a Content Creator and Social Media Manager, I try to write these posts from both sides of the story, the creator and the brand they’re representing. On this week’s edition. On this week’s edition of spill-the-tea, I’m introducing LOCAL CONTENT CREATORS I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with. (This will be a many-part series.)

I’ve been happily working as a local content creator in Halifax for a number of years now as I share my life on social media. One of my favourite things to do is attend various events as it’s always a blast to spend time with other folks doing the same type of work! I can honestly say that the best part of this industry we work in, is getting to connect with and become friends with such amazing, like-minded, creative people.

As part of my Spill-the-Tea series on Influencer Marketing, I thought I’d take the opportunity from time-to-time to introduce you to some of the talented women I get the pleasure of crossing paths with! In no particular order… here are five fabulous creators I’m happy to call my friends. If you aren’t following them, I suggest you view their profiles and give them each a follow!

Musemo Handahu:

I first met Mo a number of years ago when she was having a “closet sale” and I was excited to discover that we had the same sized feet! EVERY SINGLE TIME I’m at an event that Mo is attending, there is much love and laughter as this girl lights up a room! Known online as Miss Lion Hunter, Mo is a SUPERSTAR in the local and international Influencer space as her work is original, professional and incredibly creative. Mo takes style to the NEXT LEVEL turning everyday items into masterpieces and masterpieces into every day items.

Alicia McCarvell

I would be remiss not to include Alicia in Part 1 of this series as she is by far the most well-known local content creator. With over 5 million Tik Tok followers, Alicia has quickly become Nova Scotia’s sweetheart on the influencer scene as she shares her life online with complete authenticity. While Alicia continues to climb in her celebrity status, she remains true to her roots and is quick to jump on local causes to help elevate their awareness. I had the privilege of meeting Alicia this year at Social Media Day where she was the keynote speaker – captivating everyone in attendance with her story on how she stepped into this online world.

Vicky Mina

On the local scene, there are only a few of us over-fifties who are playing in the Influencer space and Vicky is proving that age is simply a number. This energetic, down-to-earth, young-at-heart fashionista is enjoying life to the fullest while inspiring women to feel and look their best through her makeup artistry. Vicky and I have known each other for a number of years as we run in the same circle of wonderful friends. She’s a pleasure to spend time with, supportive, professional, and a true artist in her field.

Kayla Short

The GOAT on the Halifax blogging scene, Kayla Short is an award winning content creator with a signature move and several gifs to her name! Kayla writes about food, fashion, beauty and travel and is quite likely one of the kindest women you will ever meet! Kayla and I met several years back and I count on her support both professionally and personally as we make our way through our careers in the digital space.

Sehmat Suri

While I’ve followed Sehmat on socials for a while now, she really jumped on my radar when she organized an even for local BIPOC creators in October. From everything I hear, the event was incredibly well attended and allowed folks to open up about the challenges of working in social media and elevating their voices. As an ally, I was thrilled a few days later to head to The Swell conference with Sehmat in tow… hearing about her event on the drive to Sydney and learning how I can help to make a difference. Sehmat is well-spoken, intelligent, vibrant and incredibly quick-witted. I’m grateful for the time we spent together and for her open and honest conversation. I look forward to watching this amazing woman continue to shine!

And there you have it…the first five of dozens of local content creators I hope to introduce you to throughout this spill-the-tea series. All are worthy of a follow (if you aren’t following them already) as each woman is creative, inspiring and entertaining…sharing their lives and working with fabulous brands.