Jumping Hurdles…

She graced my life a little over 18 years ago. There she was. Pink, soft, wrinkled, with a hint of red hair. I was amazed, baffled, totally in love. It was, my very own Murphy Brown moment.

You remember the scene. Murphy… single… giving birth to her very own little angel and having NO IDEA WHAT SHE WAS DOING!

It was 1992 for Murphy and I. Dan Quayle said that it was time to talk about family, hard work, integrity and personal responsibility while all I could think of was holding that sweet, darling, baby girl in my arms…

Before the day I met you, life was so unkind.
But your love was the key to my peace of mind.
Cause you make me feel, you make me feel,
You make me feel like a natural woman.

That was then. This is now. Eighteen years later and life has moved right along… me, three kids, a loving…. oh shit! Crap! Ahhhhh….. here I go again…

Ohhhhhhh, baby what you’ve done to me!

You wanna go Quayle! You wanna talk family, hard work, integrity and personal responsibility! Let’s talk about hard work, facing responsibility, jumping hurdles… literally…

Two nights a week we head down the Lucasville Road to Restless Pines for my youngest daughter to pursue her love of horses! She began at three to ask for lessons and we successfully put her off until last year when she turned nine. It was time… she wasn’t letting up!

Then tonight she did it. She jumped! For the first time! And I stood there… so damn proud of another child and their accomplishments! But the look on her face… SHE DID IT! She smiled from ear to ear and did it again and again… and again! OK, so she messed up a bit. She didn’t quite do it right the first time. She forgot to breathe in the process. Had to do it again… this time singing her ABC’s so she’d breathe through the entire process… but SHE DID IT!

Jumping hurdles hasn’t always been this fun! My oldest daughter chose Track and Field as her sport… yup, you guessed it, hurdles. 17.4 seconds of pure hell for a parent to watch. Let me tell you they don’t fall pretty when they fall over those ridiculous things… and really… what the hell is the point… proving you can get to the end and not stumble, not fall!!! I’d attend the event, and as soon as the gun would go, I’d close my eyes and wait for someone to tell me it was over.

I’ve spent the last year jumping hurdles. The gun going off. Closing my eyes. Waiting for it to end. Stumbling, falling… and definately none of it pretty! But I’ve also spent it rejoicing in my children’s accomplishments. In my accomplishments. In our accomplishments. We’re jumping hurdles! We’re doing it! Damn it WE’RE DOING IT!

Now I’m no longer doubtful, of what I’m living for.

Cause if I make you happy, I don’t need no more.

Cause you make me feel. You make me feel.

You make me feel like a natural woman.

(Wonder whatever happened to Murphy… kinda liked what happened with her and that painter. Come to think of it… there’s a bit of painting I need done around here!)