Spring has sprung…

It’s a beautiful night in the neighbourhood! Springtime always makes everything seem so alive and simply wonderful! As I’m heading home, people are walking their dogs, jogging, barbecuing. You can hear hammering in the distance, music, the birds just a chirpin’ and if you listen real close you can hear the daffodils poppin’ through the earth… it’s downright festive.

I’ve taken to watching people walking their dogs. Big dogs… little dogs… yappy ones and calm ones. Two dogs in a house, in a boat, in the water… I’m waiting for them to all gather in that tree over yonder for a party… “Do you like my hat”…. “No, I do not like your hat”!
I get a kick out of seeing dogs dragging their people down the sidewalk. Which is what made me turn my head to see a fabulous sight! A big man being dragged by a wee little dog. I laughed first at the dog, but then caught a glimpse of the fella’ walking him! Blue plaid pyjama pants, the kind that elastic at the ankles, blue plaid shirt tucked in, and slippers… opposite plaids and that wee dog dragging him down the street. It really tickled my fancy to see it! Knowing he probably came home from work exhausted, slipped into his pj’s to relax on the couch and then Yappy MacYap needed a pee! What we don’t do for our little beasts. That’s when he caught my eye… not Yappy MacYap, but Mr. Plaid…. me cracking up as I’m driving… he waved and took to a fit of laughter himself. Life is such a funny thing to share!

Mine’s a bulldog. Well, part bull part boxer. She keeps this house laughing with her foolishness. I’ve taken to walking her in the park on the weekends along with every other dog owner. It’s “off leash” time until ten o’clock and the dog just loves it! She’s making friends. Me… I’m waiting for that Pongo and Perdita moment… the one from 101 Dalmations when Anita and Roger get all tangled up in the dog leashes, trip over each other and fall in love…. ahhhh… Disney knows how to do it right. But maybe I just need to put on my plaid pj’s and head down the road! Spring is in the air my friends… spring is in the air!
(Oh, and in case you’re looking for a great place to meet other dogs and their owners, head to Point Pleasant Park on the wekeends. The place is crawling with every kind of dog imaginable. And check out the Dogs for Point Pleasant Park Site. If you look close… you might even find a pic of my fantastic beast!)