Miss Heard…

Years ago you’d never listen to the same music as your parents. A bunch of girlfriends took their ten and eleven year old sons to the Hedley concert the other night and had an absolute blast. The kids all came back with smiles on their faces and new t-shirts… and the mom’s… well there’s nothing better than an evening out with your kid. I don’t know that I’ve ever been to a concert with my parents and I haven’t taken any of my kids either. Though when I do I’ll be sure to get them t-shirts so they can sleep in them and wear them for days!


I wasn’t really sure if my kids would know a lot of the Hedley songs. But the more I think about it… I think the kids know a fair number of the songs… even if they get the words wrong. Ever screw up a song lyric? My daughter sang “Old Canada” for years and I loved hearing it every time she sang the National Anthem.


There are THOUSANDS of listings of misheard lyrics on the Internet. The following are my ten favourite (though admittedly I didn’t read all thousands!)


There’s ABBA’s “See that girl, watch her scream, kicking the dancing queen” or “Take your teeth out tell me what’s wrong.”


Madonna’s “Like a virgin. Touched for the thirty-first time” or “Gonna dress you up in nylons.”


Black Eyed Peas’ “Gotta Kit-Kat.”


BeeGee’s “It’s alright. It’s ok. You make love the other way.”


Deep Purple’s “Slow motion Walter. The fire engine guy.”


Bon Jovi’s “It doesn’t make a difference if we’re naked or not.”


Billy Joel’s “You made the rice. I made the gravy. But it just may be some tuna fish you’re lookin’ for.”


And finally CCR’s “There’s a bathroom on the right.”


There’s nothing funnier than thinking the words of the song are one thing and then finding out later on that you’ve been singing it wrong… especially if you find out years after the fact!


My favourite was “the fire engine guy” which reminds me… I got a ticket in the fire lane at school today. Some mistakes you can laugh at, others you can learn from! My son was surprised I didn’t “Freak Out”… no sense getting upset about something you can’t change I suppose.


So, as a treat for not having a hissy fit… I took the kids to Freak Lunch Box for candy tonight. It’s a wild and colorful place in there with every kind of candy you can possibly imagine. Remember Wig Wags? They were my absolute favourite as a kid. You can still get them but they go by the name of “Curly Wurlys”. There’s Pop Rocks, Bottle Caps, Lick em’ Aides, War Heads, Necco Wafers, Sugar Daddy’s, Lollipops, Pixie Sticks… just about anything you can think of that’s full of sugar and fun to eat!


It took awhile for the kids to get settled for bed tonight from the sugary laughter and silly made up songs… but eventually they did fall asleep… wearing their new t-shirts!