Nowhere to go…

Pretty girls… oooohhhhhs and aaaaaahhhhs… all looking like they belong on the tops of wedding cakes… colorful, delightful, happy, beautiful, wonderful wedding cakes.

We headed to All Dressed Up today to pick up my daughter’s prom dress.

A few months ago the outing began. My oldest and I put aside a Saturday and shared the fun with my Mom. We arrived at the boutique and entered a simply amazing event. Out of this world… not to be missed… once in a lifetime… amazing event. Girls trying on dresses of every style and color. Young girls, Moms, Aunts, friends and Grandmas all in sock feet and picking dresses from a phenomenal array. Names being called when a dressing room was free when you’d then take your seat and wait for the show to begin. Dress after dress tried on… some placed back on the rack and others put aside for a second try. Sales ladies adding to the “dresses to be tried” as they began to see what looked best for each body and expectation.

Tulle, rhinestones, silk, sequins… as far as the eye can see.

Such wonderful staff. I can’t quite remember the name of the woman who helped my daughter in and out of every dress… carefully lacing the backs and offering her advice. She took the time… made it fun and enjoyable and stress free. When we came down to the final two choices… she gathered others so people could “vote” and give their opinion… all the while knowing which dress everyone (including my daughter) knew was the “perfect” one… but also knowing my daughter needed the reassurance to help make her final decision. Such a big decision.

Each and every sales lady seemed to be doing the same thing… treating the girls with such care. Taking the time to find the perfect dress. Not bothered by how long it took. Each princess getting her time in front of the three-way mirror. Dress after dress after dress until there it was… the smile that told you they’d found “the one.” Such a beautiful smile… goose bump kind of smile.

They’ve got this “prom thing” at All Dressed Up down to a science. Taking the stress out of it for Mom’s and their Daughters (not sure why they don’t open a bathing suit boutique!!!) I’m quite sure there are moments… a young girl finds a dress that Mom doesn’t approve of… I’m sure there are the scenes… and I’m equally sure they find a way to smooth things out so each young girl walks away happy with their experience. It’s just the way it is.

We went in with one idea in mind. Came out with something totally different… totally wonderful. When we picked it up today… it was still totally wonderful. The smile on my daughter’s face lit up Spring Garden Road. I’m quite sure when she wears it next month I won’t find the words to describe it.

I’ve not worn a dress since my wedding day. I’m not a girly girl… oh so happy to be in my jeans… but times my friends are changing! Two nights on the weekend with kids away and I’m home with nothing to do. Cleaning my house and gardening is just not cutting it. I’m living vicariously through my oldest daughter as she’s about to begin a new life… moving on…. gathering her independence… she’s more than ready!

Rhonna Gaum, the owner of All Dressed Up, she’s a pretty remarkable lady and I think the world of her. Her advice is immeasurable. She thinks I should drop in and find myself a dress… I think she might be right.

While I’m at it… I think I have to find a few more single girlfriends so I don’t find myself all dressed up… with nowhere to go!

All Dressed Up is located in Spring Garden Place and Bedford Place Mall. They have dresses and beautiful clothing (jeans and blouses too) for every occasion from social gatherings to the “big event”. Their staff is amazing.

My daughter’s prom is next month. Not only does she look simply elegant in her prom dress… I’m just so damn proud of the amazing young woman she turned out to be.

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  1. My dislexia must be acting up. I swear I just read the line, "turtles ringtones silk and penguins"