When kids are young, let’s face it…Mother’s Day is for them.

They’re making crafts and cards at daycare and school. They’re all too thrilled to give you their painted hand print with the poem about dirty fingerprints left on the walls. They present you with styrofoam cups filled with dirt and the hopes of a flower…placed on your kitchen windowsill for you to desperately try to grow…knowing how disappointed your little one would be if it didn’t grow.

Tissue paper flowers.

Dandelion bouquets.

Macaroni necklaces.

Breakfast brought to you in bed…delighted faces as you choke down soggy cereal and cold toast with unmelted butter. Proud little angels not willing to leave your bedside until each and every morsel has been eaten.

What makes them think I put sugar in my lukewarm tea?

Mother’s Day…it’s for them. The memories…they’re for you.

As they get older and more independent, it changes. A breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast served hot (the bacon crispy just the way I like it)…a cup of perfectly made tea…beautiful gifts well thought out…mixed CD’s of music picked especially with you in mind, promises of a relaxing and enjoyable day. Delighted faces…all too happy to show you how grown up they’ve become and how amazing they think you are.

As they grow up, you realize how badly you want that macaroni necklace.

My mom is pretty freakin’ amazing. Been there for me through thick and thin. For better or worse. Sickness and health.

It was a hard year. Her mothering was challenged…proving you’re never too old to be there for your children and for your children to need you. She held me up. Offered advice. Stepped in when I needed her and just as readily, she backed off. She took me shopping when “retail therapy” was called for, filled my cupboards with groceries on numerous occasions, took care of my children when I couldn’t even breathe, paid my bills, brought flowers…worried endlessly.


It’s not been an easy year to be my mom…but she’s done it with grace, wisdom and love.

I’m there for my children no matter what. I’ll fight to the ends of the earth to make sure they’re happy, even when they drive me crazy and I think I’m doing it all for nothing. Mom’s will eat the cold toast, soggy cereal and awful tea just so they don’t see the disappointed face…and we’re proud to do it. We’ll do anything for our children. Anything.

My mom…she’s no exception. I might be mama bear when it comes to my kids…growl and fight and challenge anyone that comes close to hurting them…but my mom, that mama bear beats all! She’ll fight anyone who hurts her cub. She’s proven beyond a doubt that she loves greater than any other mama out there. She’s freakin’ amazing…and so damn tired!  I’ve exhausted her.

For all of you who think I deserved the “mother of the year” award this year…you’re wrong…my mom wins hands down.

It’s amazing to love…and more amazing to be loved.

Here’s to all the mom’s out there that love so much it hurts. To lukewarm tea and macaroni necklaces. To protecting kids. And never being too old to need protecting.

To my mom…I love you. I’m good now…relax. Happy Mother’s Day.

4 Replies to “Ma…”

  1. Oh sure, show me up! DAMN! Nicely said though!

  2. Beautifully said!!! Cherish all the spoiling your Mama bear will give you and all the proud moments you can celebrate with her. I only wish I could spend one more Mother's Day with my Mom. Enjoy each and every day with your Mom and being a Mom. Life if precious.
    PS: It's always easy to show up our brothers. Haha!