Gettin’ durty…

A couple of girlfriends and myself headed to Durty Nelly’s (or Filthy Nancy’s as my brother so hilariously calls the place) for a plate of nachos, a couple of beer and some good ol’ blowing off steam… girl style!

There’s a lot of places I like to frequent on the weekends when my children are off galivanting with their Dad, however, I’m quite smitten with Nelly’s in particular.

On arrival last evening, we cozied up to the bar and had a bit of a chat with one of the owners, Joe McGuiness (yup… his real name).  We were joined by his business partner Kyle Drake… but quickly released him from our feminine grip as he was enjoying a few pints and a meal with his family… celebrating his graduation from Saint Mary’s University.

Celebrations in the pub with family… my kind of folk! 

Joe is a pleasant, enjoyable, twinkle-in-his-eye kind of an Irishman who’s quick to head out on a Tuesday afternoon pub crawl and share a few drinks with you… if the timing’s just right.  He’s also a down-to-earth family man who needed to cut the conversation short and head out to run the kids around to a few of their activities.  Juggling a new business venture, a growing family, a busy workload… he’s heading to Ireland for a much deserved break this summer.  Joe arrived at the pub at 9 in the morning… paperwork, orders, events, a staff member with a thrown out back, a few Stella… it was nice he took a few minutes to stop by for a chat at the end of what I can imagine to be a long day.

Durty Nelly’s has been around for just a year now and it’s building up steam.  Global was in last week and filmed a piece about the pub… then McLean’s Magazine called to do a write up.  Catch them on Entertainment Tonight on June 1st… and, oh yes… there’s a wee piece on Restaurant Makeover in October that you won’t want to miss.

Joe and Kyle wanted to own an Irish pub in Halifax so they headed to Ireland to see what they could dream up… which is where they found the original Durty Nelly’s.    Nestled next to the famous Burnatty Castle… the most visited bar in all of Ireland… known all over the world… they sat at the bar and made their decision… this was it!  A chat to the owner about the use of their famous name… Joe, Kyle and a team of supporters behind them, put their plan in action.  The Halifax bar was built in Ireland, shipped back to Nova Scotia and reassembled in just the right location.  Check out the website for pictures of the process and news about upcoming events… but don’t be afraid of the little Irishman who pops out of your computer screen… he’s kinda fun to listen to.  A little like Joe himself.

From all I see… these guys are doing it right.  From the events they’re planning to the staff they hire, the promotions they run and the food they serve.  Throw in great beer, good music and friends… and the combination is award winning.

“Go n-eiri an t-adh leat” as you continue on the road ahead! 

If you find yourself in County Clare someday… drop by the original Durty Nelly’s… plan it right and you might even find Joe and Kyle sitting there… coming up with their next great idea!

A hearty congratulations to Kyle on his graduation.  A toast to you my friend as you enjoy your celebrations with family and friends! 

And for those of you who follow me and are wondering… I found the toucan! I’ll show him to you next weekend when you come to Nelly’s to celebrate my birthday with me!