Queen’s Update (two)…

It seems fitting that I write a “Queen’s Update” on May 24th!  I explained to my children that even though it’s the celebration of the royal birthday… I understand that with Mother’s Day and my actual birthday at the end of the month… they can’t give me presents today.  However, breakfast might be in order!

Why Queen?  Well… while every other Dad in the world nicknamed their precious daughter’s “Princess”, mine called me “Queen”.  As a young girl… I never really thought about it… various members of my family used the nickname and it made me feel special.

I can remember the first time thinking it was a negative thing… I was working for Dad for a summer job.  He was the big wig at a major company and some of the women in the office looked negatively on the teenaged daughter in for her summer job.  I was passing Dad’s office door on a particularly stressful day for him and he called out “Queen, can you get me a coffee”.  Dad would have never asked me for a coffee… and had never used that name in the office… but this day he had a lot on the go.  I grabbed him a mug… and possibly even kissed his cheek as I walked out of his office.  That lunch, while I sat alone AGAIN in the office kitchen to eat my lunch, a couple of the catty women in the room started referring to me as “Queen” in the most negative whine you can possibly imagine.  The name stuck for the summer.  I realized quite quickly that only the awful women called me by my beloved name, and the ones I liked, the kind and sweet women from Dad’s office who I still think the world of, they called me by my proper name.

I got my Dad his coffee for that entire summer then a few years ago I embraced the name… it’s all good now.  I like being Queen.

Now for a few updates…

I went to the Open House for the new Saint Benedict Parish last week.  It was spectacular.  Everything I’d heard and so much more.  You know… you hear a lot of hype about something and think there’s no way it could possibly live up to it… well it did… that and more.  I took the kids there yesterday for mass… the place was filled with a million people that I knew.. several of them winking at me or giving me the thumbs up.  I laughed at an old friend who suggested they might need cross walk guards to direct the congregation when they went up for communion… it was a bit of a logistical mess!  I’m sure everything will fall into place in no time… folk will find the mass they like, the seat they want… the parking spot they desire.  Three churches merging to one… choirs… committees… there’s a lot to work out.

It took us a bit of time to get out of mass with the number of people who passed our way for a smile, a hug… a moment to see my kids and comment how much they’d grown or how lovely they looked before moving on through the exquisite wood doors.  It felt good to be there… really good.  I encourage you all to go… or go back… whatever.  (Thanks Mom and Dad for taking us out to lunch afterwards… I’m hoping you didn’t set some sort of precedence with the kids!)
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I heard from the Old Triangle.  Candy is allowed in the pub.  Seems an overzealous staff member took Health Canada’s mandate to the extreme.  Gum, tic tacs, baby food… all allowed.
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My kitchen garden is planted.  The kids and I headed to Farmer Clems for all the supplies that we needed.  We met a great lady, Heather, who explained to us what we needed to do and walked us step-by-step through each vegetable that we purchased… how to take it from the container and into the ground.  She gave my son a magazine about planting a garden and making food from the things you grow.  She was helpful, kind and oh so sweet.  We put it all together yesterday… and it seemed to go very well… now to watch it grow!  Thanks Heather for taking the time.
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After much work, my youngest finally managed to get her tooth out.  My oldest finished school today.  She’s in the IB program so the fact that it’s Victoria Day means nothing… how rude!  My nightmare of missing my exam came true for her today… in a most unpleasant way.  She slept in.  After a few screams, a quick run through the house to get ready, a granola bar, a glass of juice… contacts in… pyjamas on… I ran her up to the school… five minutes late for her exam… stressed.  Luckily it’s not math… but her best subject.  What a way to end her three years at High School!
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Though I teased my cousin Susan.  She wasn’t upset with me.  I haven’t heard from my cousin Mike about what I wrote about him.
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I heard from a friend who is friends with the Irishman who pops out of the Durty Nelly’s website.  Say’s he might be interested in playing Man Tracker with us someday.  I’m game!
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That’s it… not much.  I’m off to enjoy this glorious day with the kids.  Summer is on its way and there’s plenty of adventures ahead for us… at the moment it seems we’re going from one to the next!  Life as the Queen is pretty amazing!

Happy Victoria Day everyone!

2 Replies to “Queen’s Update (two)…”

  1. It was great to see you at mass Sunday – glad to hear it felt good to be there. The new church really is something isn't it? I can't wait to move in on the 31st!!! Joe

  2. Hey Colleen, I remember your smiling face that summer at the office, I don't remember the name Queen, but I do distinctly remember your graciousness and intelligence you portrayed while putting together our Computer Program Manual. Your quick wit and knowledge made this little Admin. Assistant feel like she was in the company of someone great and very capable! Keep up the great work with your writing, you have a wonderful gift and I am grateful you are sharing it with all of us……