I C U…

I’m obsessed by my Sitemeter.  At any given time I can log into a site that tells me who’s reading and how you got here.  I can see where you’re from… how long you’re visiting… how many posts you read.

Most of my readers are from Canada… mainly Nova Scotia… but I’ve family in Newfoundland reading.  I see when my friend from Dubai is on, my Aunt in Qatar, my cousin in London (I’m assuming they’re the only people in those places reading), or my brother in Vancouver… though I think there’s a few Vancouver folk reading… either that or my brother likes the site a whole lot!  I’ve a following from the States and someone from both Germany and Russia hung around for awhile this week.

I see you… you’re anonymous to me… but I’m beginning to figure you out.  I like you.

You read more during the weekdays than you do on the weekends and if you’re reading from the office it sometimes tells me where you work!

270 of you have chosen to follow me on facebook.  4 of you on Twitter!

A lot of you go in every day… some of you go in a few times a week… others go in, read 32 pages at once and stick around for an hour or more.

Some of you make comments.  Most of you don’t.

You clicked on the Sparkles of Hope bracelet more than any other link on the site. You click on my profile a lot.  Click on the “About Me” tab at the top of the page if you really want to figure out who I am… I’m having fun figuring out who you are!

3000 of you read this month.  Either that, or one of you read three thousand times… which suggests I have a stalker… who moves around a lot!  It’s creepy that I can see so much about you… but heck… you’re checking me out… so I’m checking you out too!

I C U!!!!  Now… tell me who you are!  It’s driving me crazy!  I might have to remove this meter altogether!

6 Replies to “I C U…”

  1. I love reading your blog Colleen. I have forwarded it on to friends and they are enjoying your humour too. Keep it up and I will keep telling more friends…..then you can see them too!

  2. If you're wondering who the freak is who is about to read your blog and then check the NavCan site for the aviation weather forecast…it's me. I'm weird like that.

  3. Hahaha! I know this obsession! What site do you use? I've tried out a few but nothing quite as extensive as what you describe.