A boy and his chick…

For a couple of years now, my son and I have a standing date at the Chicken Burger.  It’s not a regular thing… but if we suddenly find ourselves with a bit of one-on-one time and it’s nearing lunch… we head to Bedford to enjoy one of our favorite places.  We order our food, grab a stool and wait for our number to be called from the fabulous staff who never seem to leave and are as much a part of the place as the neon chicken sign out front.

The place is always packed… young and old alike enjoying the atmosphere which, while I love a traditional chicken burger, to me is better than the food.  There’s something about sitting in a 50’s diner with your best guy that just screams of nostalgia… love… and a simpler time.

Chicken Burger has been hanging out in the same corner in Bedford since 1940.  It began as an outside counter where folk would mosy up to the bar… then either sit at the stool or more likely head back to their cars to eat.  It is the oldest Diner in Canada… and considered the oldest “drive thru” as well… but technically it’s more of a “drive up” than a “drive thru”!  In 1986 it expanded to the dining area my son and I enjoyed today… though many folk are still standing at the outside counter or eating in their cars… in fact, it’s a thrill to see the many antique cars that drop by on any given day… they belong there.

It’s bright and clean and white and green.  Owned by the Innes family until a few years ago when it was sold to the MacDonald family… who from everything I can tell… are keeping things the way they should.  Change is always hard… but so far… it seems to stay the same.

My boy gets a charge out of the jukebox.  He gave up long ago looking at the names of the songs and trying to pick something he knew… you won’t find Miley Cyrus, Brittney Spears or the Backstreet Boys at the Chicken Burger!  Now he just drops in a coin, presses a few buttons and steps away from the machine… hoping for the best.  Grinning to the likes of “Johnny Be Good” or “Good Golly Miss Molly” and absolutely pie eyed thrilled if he hears something crazy like “one eyed one horned flying purple people eaters” coming out of the thing.

Today we had a great day together.  We enjoyed each others company and had a date at the diner where time stands still and for the moment… life is easy.

I always order the original Chicken Burger… hunks of meat on a soft bun… wrapped in a napkin to hold it all together.

Today we went there… did that… and bought the t-shirt.  But it won’t be the last time.

The Chicken Burger is located at 1531 Bedford Highway… right in the center of Bedford… it can’t be missed… just look for the big chicken… or the numerous people looking to head back in time… which begs me to ask… Why did the Chicken stay exactly where it was… because that’s the way everyone likes it.