Taking the leap…

 Gib, Little-One and I headed out last night for a bit of entertainment.

It’s odd for me to even be hitting the bars.  Something, up until a year and a half ago, I thought I’d  outrgrown.  I was nervous of revisiting.  Scared to make the plunge.  But it’s nice out there… fun out there.  The laughter is infectious, the people you meet are looking for a good time.  It’s about jumping overboard… taking the leap… throwing yourself out there… enjoying who you are.  Being brave enough to face the world head on.

I ran into one of the boys I grew up with and as much as I loved going out with the girls, I went off to spend a bit of time with my old friend.  He’s comfortable… safe… like an old sweatshirt you’re not willing to give up.   He’s always been there… he knows me.

I grew up with this group of rowdy boys… hanging out in our neighbourhood… Summers at the lake.  There are a million silly stories and crazy adventures to tell.  Growing up we always knew we had something special… and it’s pretty remarkable to still have it after all these years.  We get together on occasion and it’s laughter until tears are pouring out of our eyes.  They’re in me.  It’s the comfort of growing up with people who have seen you at your worst… and still think you’re ok!

The boys are close… would do anything for each other.  I stand a little on the outside as I’m the only girl in the group… and yet… I don’t.  I’m part of them.

With the busy-ness of life… wives, girlfriends, careers, children… I think they sometimes forget me.  But every now and then they make me believe that I’m truly unforgettable.  And there is no greater feeling in this world than to be remembered.

Some would say I was a tomboy… but I’m not so sure.  I think I was just a girl who when I was younger, got along with boys more than I got along with girls… and found some pretty neat characters to call my friends.  My best friend lived next door… and he had a group of friends who, as we grew up, would come to mean the world to me.  I feel safe when I’m with them.  And for someone who doesn’t always feel safe in this world… it’s amazing.

All I have to do is say the word… and they’re here.  I don’t do it too often… but on occasion… you need the people who know you better than you even know yourself.  Who don’t judge.  Who respect you, love you, and are there for you… no matter what.

My girlfriends tease me about “my boys”.  They don’t totally get the relationship.  Don’t totally understand what an important role they play in who I am.  The fact is, I take nothing away from the remarkable women who are in my life at this very moment in time… they are truly incredible.  They’re with me… beside me… behind me.  They encourage and love me… support me and comfort me.  I love them more than I can possibly put in words but they should know… I care for them the very same as the boys I grew up with… and that’s so very much.

I headed out last night with a few of my favorite girlfriends.  I was reminded how friendships come and go… and some stand the test of time.  There are people in our lives who are there for the duration… whether you’ve known them your entire life or not.  All of these people who you hold so dear… make you who you are.

I am a defender of all of these people I call my friends. A champion and supporter of those who are part of my world… how lucky I am.

It’s nice out there…. like jumping off a cliff… at the lake… in the summer… with friends.

One Reply to “Taking the leap…”

  1. I asked that "pompous" friend to give ME, one of the girlfriends, just one word to describe our girl. He replied with absolute sparkle in his eye, looking straight at her, and said "CHAMPION"!
    Their love IS the same as ours.