There are half a dozen stores I frequent when I’m in the mood to be inspired.  Bellissimo on Agricola Street is one of them.

I’ve always found it to be a jumble of stuff… piled into a too small space… not quite allowing me to browse the way I’d truly like to browse… and yet… it never kept me away.  The things inside are too beautiful not to admire!  When I heard they were renovating I was immediately excited and anticipating the grand re-opening of the new shop.

Browsing through the new and improved store on Saturday, I was immediately thrilled with the results from the moment I stepped through the doors.  It’s bigger… things are organized to perfection… the new furniture is simply to die for… the bits and pieces of decorating bliss are placed on tables, beside lamps, next to books, on shelving, in cupboards… perfectly displayed… allowing me to visualize the treasures in my own home.  I wanted to curl up in a chair and pick up a magazine while someone brought me a glass of lemonade!  The furniture was drawing me in but luckily I stopped myself from getting too cosy and looking like a complete fool.

Oh but I’d love to own a few of the pieces I saw. 

There are two entrances into the store… the Apothecary side and the Fabric side.  I’d not really heard of an Apothecary before except on the “Friends” episode where Rachel bought the table from Pottery Barn and told Phoebe it was from a flea market as Phoebe simply hates the idea of mass produced furniture… which by the way you won’t find at Bellissimo… their furniture is pretty special.  It’s not everyday you see amazing thick, plush fabric on dining room chairs simply striking in shades of moss green, yellow, lavender, blue and coral… the seat striped and the back floral… matching in color and so incredibly unique… paired with and exquisite wood carved table and a delightful antique chandelier.  I was nearly out of my mind!

While my budget won’t allow me to purchase the four chairs and table my mouth dropped for… I found myself instead enjoying some some of the smaller objects… and had I an Apothecary table… mass produced or not… I’d fill all of the little drawers with the delightful things I found… soaps and candles and glorious smelly things!  I’m burning an Orange Clove candle as I type… the scent is beyond refreshing.

The fabric side is a delight.  A number of years back Bellissimo took over Abby’s Fabrics which was located at the Hydrostone market… moving the bolts and remnants to their location.  This is actually how I found them in the first place… I went to Abby’s to peruse the fabrics, only to discover they’d closed and moved the stock elsewhere.  When I arrived at Bellissimo, it was tucked in an area out of the way from everything else… but is now lined up in perfect cabinets showing off the fantastic colors and amazing textures.  I found myself running my hand along the bolts as I walked down row after row of color wonder.  I’d stop every now and then to tuck in the end of a bolt that someone had taken out to admire a little closer… finding it necessary to push it back where it belonged… so beautiful when it’s all perfectly placed.  I picked five swatches… and think my decision is made… but I’ll go again to be sure.

Trust me when I tell you… if you’ve not been to Bellissimo in the North End of Halifax drop in.  If you’ve been there before… come again.  If you’re dropping in soon… pick me up a little treat.  I’m kind of leaning towards the Zebra fabric ottoman/coffee table, the floral wing back, the yellow sectional or the antique chandelier.  No wait… the sideboard… or the silver lamps… the floral rug… the pink velvet throw cushions… the headboard with the lavender and gold satin fabric… or the porcelain place cards with the crown at the top… yes… I must own some of those!

Belissimo is located at 2743 Agricola Street.  Check out their website or find them on facebook.

My coffee table has three drawers… like an Apothecary table… but with nothing in them.

I curled up on my couch this weekend and read a magazine for further decorating inspiration… no one brought me a lemonade.