Dragon my feet…

I have to apologize for not writing yesterday… but the thing is… I met this girl with a dragon tattoo and I’m a little distracted at the moment.  Therefore, blogging is put on hold until I get the last few Chapters of this fantastic book read.

It’s a trilogy… so you might have to bear with me!

It took me a good two hundred pages to get into the book and I have a few issues to overcome as I read.

First, I have no idea how to pronounce any name or place in the story! Secondly, half the time I don’t know what they’re talking about as there’s this finance component to the story and I’m useless with math… which we’ve determined.  On top of that… it’s set in places I’ve never heard of… so again… geography issues!  Finally, the characters are all pretty complex but there’s a “family tree” on page 5 that I’ve had to revisit at least 30 times to keep everything straight!

While I’m greatly enjoying the read… I probably couldn’t begin to discuss the book with a single friend without feeling like a complete moron due to my various issues with pronunciation, math and geography!

I think I’m simple.

In fairness to me… the character’s name is Blomkvist.  At least ONE of those letters MUST be silent!  If that’s not enough, I borrowed the book from Little-One and God only knows what country she bought it in but the price on the book is in pounds and it has references to “boot” and “knickers”!  Both of which I know the meanings… but there’s other words in there that I’m not so sure about.  I’m really hoping I haven’t missed an important key to this complex mystery.

Anyway… I’ve got some reading to do.  I’m captured by this book and could really use the mental break from everything else going on in my life… if only it wasn’t so deep.  Maybe I should head to the movies… I hear Inception is fabulous!