Nature abhors her…

My dog needs an extra bit of lovin’ this past few days.  She’d been involved in one of those late night downtown parties that end in a scrap.

On arrival home last Friday night after a great night out with a few old friends, I opened the door to put her out for a pee before hitting the sack.  As she got to the bottom of the steps, she came upon a racoon!  Both were shocked to see each other… but rather than run away… the masked beast attacked!

It reminded me of a fight I was involved in at “pizza corner” many years back.  We simply didn’t see it coming and were jumped for no good reason.  There were fists flying and hair pulled… we’d walked away after what seemed like forever, with black eyes and bruised egos.  It took awhile for me to feel comfortable going out again after that night.  So… in a way I guess I understand my dog’s need to have me go with her when she needs to pee… especially if it’s dark.

As soon as the raccoon pounced… the dog began squealing like a pig and I’m pretty sure I let out a few screams myself.  I ran down the stairs and the racoon fled… I’m not sure what I would have done if it hadn’t taken off.  My dog… cowered… pretty much rolled over and let it happen.  Full on submissive-take-the-crap from the horrid beast!  It was the hawk and bunny story all over again!  It was me on pizza corner… totally unable and not willing to defend myself.

Now… she’ll hardly leave my side… she’s in need of attention.  We’re four days in… she has a small scratch on her nose and a puncture on her neck but physically she’s pretty good… just scared and skittish.  Then, as if that wasn’t enough, yesterday when we were in the garden… a bee stung her in the nose.

Nature seems to hate her this last few days!  Some days… it’s how things go.  Luckily for her… I’m in the mood for a bit of extra lovin’ too… now… if only I could find that masked avenger…

2 Replies to “Nature abhors her…”

  1. It's surprising that a wild animal would be so bold and attack like that! Usually they just run. Maybe it was an escaped pet? Anyways, hope your pooch has a better day tomorrow.