Dorm decorum…

Since when do stores start catering to kids going to university?  Has it always been this way?  Have I just never noticed?

Single bedspreads and ridiculous dorm room notions are suddenly popping up everywhere and I’m in the midst of a buying frenzy during my spending freeze!

Whatever happened to taking one of grandmas quilts, a few nubby sets of sheets that no one in the house wants anymore, some old dishes, a few hooks for the wall, an old flag to hang in the window and the crap old brown towels?

Yesterday I even saw a “Dorm De-Stink” kit!  Ever hear of Febreeze!!!

I vote for my daughter taking the old stuff and me getting new things!

I’ve got no problem buying Rubbermaid containers to fit underneath the bed to store the umpteen pairs of shoes that “surely may possibly but not really probably” be needed at some point during the time she’ll be there… but seriously… can we please buy the ones on sale!!!!  Why is it we need to get the pretty ones!

What the heck is wrong with Farmers Dairy milk crate end tables and book shelves?

It’s Martha Stewart’s fault.  Just imagine what she did to that horrific jail cell?  Now… all you can find in September’s decorating magazines are “Decorating Small Spaces” and there’s even a “Decorating Your Dorm” guide!

The biggest problem with all of it…. I would have done the exact same thing!

The trunk will be filled the first week in September for the move to St. F. X.  Full of new stuff for the year ahead.  Brand new comforter and sheets with the proper thread count to be placed on top of the new memory foam on top of the dorm bed… pictures for the wall… pretty containers to house everything under the bed that will be raised higher with bed lifty thingys that didn’t once hold milk.  There’ll be throws and cushions… clothes galore.  Decorated to perfection with not a thing out of place.  Her new space… special… colorful and wonderful.  Not exactly a sense of home since nothing really came from the house!

But I’m putting my foot down on one thing… she’s taking the old crap brown towels!