I hate you butt…

I’m not in the mood for much right now.

My dog is sick.  My kids are away.

I’ve pressure washed my entire house as far as I can reach.  Stained the front deck.  Washed the one in back.  Cleaned the garage.  Run every errand I’m supposed to run… with the exception of the few things I’m putting off.

I’m ticking a crap load of things off my “honey-do” list without a honey to help me… and I’m rather annoyed about that too.

There’s a party calling my name where I’m hoping to pull myself out of the funk I’m in.

So far this week… I’ve heard of two family members who are sick.  Then there’s the stories about a few dead dogs.  One after being caught in a current and swept over a waterfall on a canoe trip.  Two others from the same thing my own dog may have.

I hate canoes.  And Raccoons.  I hate my kids being away.  And the size of my butt.

Above all else at this very moment… I hate all the hell that cancer brings.  And realize, that all of the things that have happened to me in the last few days, weeks, months and even years… are minuscule to the thought of having to face the unbearable.

There’s a party tonight where I’ll see a lot of new and old friends.  I’ll make a toast to the future and appreciate the things I have… pray for the ones I love and hope beyond hope that soon… I will stop hating the things I cannot change… and change the things I can.

It’s time to lose this ass once and for all!!!

2 Replies to “I hate you butt…”

  1. Sorry for the bad stuff. It sucks. Cancer sucks.
    Hope your pup gets better soon. And that your ass shrinks. (I'd also like my saggy parts to "shape up"… we'll see.)