There are a hundreds of photos of my children as babies.  Stuffed lovingly in albums until the digital camera came around… then stored in folders and backed up so I never lost a single one.

Filling scrapbooks… telling their story.

When my oldest was born we couldn’t get enough of her.  I dressed her up in every outfit imaginable and took photos of each precious moment.  I stared at her for hours on end… wondering what was going on in her sweet little mind.  What she thought of… dreamt about… how she saw the world.

As the two others came along, it was no different. 

Adele Enersen is capturing her daughter’s daydreams… or rather… the dreams she has for her little one.  Creatively… lovingly.  Using her imagination while poking a little fun at life… enjoying being home with her new darling girl.  Diving in… head first… like momma’s do. 

Every few days this mom sets the stage on the living room floor… using clothes, blankets, stuffed animals, odds and ends and an amazing imagination.  She puts Mila down for a nap… and when all is ready… places her darling angel inside her dreams and takes a photo.  A masterpiece is created to share with all who understand… that the wonder of a child is simply breathtaking.

Little Mila will one day know how much she’s adored.  It doesn’t take much to look past the pictures Adele has created and see how she loves.  See what she sees.  See her hopes and dreams for little Mila… all wrapped up in this mother’s playfulness and creativity.  Mila is in for an amazing adventure with this fabulous mom!

Enjoy Adele’s blog “Mila’s Daydreams“… I found myself lost in it today.  In the thoughts of my children as babies.  Remembering the discoveries they made along the way.  The love.  The joy.  Being a new mom in awe of everything around me. 

Seeing a new world… through their eyes.

I’m reminded again of how fast time flies.  How quickly they grow.  How my own hopes are tied up in their futures…. that my biggest wish is for their dreams to come true…  

as mine have…

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