Have you ever walked into a store and felt like you were… mmmm… home?

Little-One and I went browsing today… chatting to shop keepers as we went… discovering new places. 

Midway through the afternoon we visited MHome.  Three floors of everything I don’t need… yet so much I desire.  We browsed around the first floor… onto the second… up to the third and back down again.  We stopped to admire mirrors and lamps, rugs and paintings, sofas, chairs, tables and treasures.

At the middle floor we stopped.  Whether we were too exhausted by the stairs or in awe of the living room set up… I’m not sure.  We were drawn to the cozy black armchairs facing the exquisite cherry red sofa adorned with various throw cushions to pull the look together.  A round coffee table, as shiny as black patent shoes, reflected a silver sailboat and other delightful items.

We settled into the matching chairs, placed our feet on the table and called out to the owner for a few cocktails and some conversation.

As far as the conversation goes… Mr. Martin obliged and recited his story…

The store has been around since 1907… Mark’s grandfather was a traditional furniture maker from Northern Italy.  One of the first male designers at a time when folk hardly cared to decorate.  He worked hard through the years to establish his Birmingham Street shop… originally called M&M Home.  Mark’s grandfather passed away the day after his 100th birthday… after a great party where family and friends gathered for the centenarian’s special day.  Mark soon took over the family business and being one for simplicity with a modern flare, removed one of the M’s and satisfied his distaste for ampersands… changing the store to MHome as it’s called today.

But that’s the bullshit story.

The reality… Mark ran BB Bargoons for ten years when they were located in Halifax.  He moved to Toronto with Bargoons but was soon drawn to furniture design.  After seven years in Toronto, Mark found himself in a position where he was only satisfied with two of the three things he finds most important.  His heart was full and happy and he loved what he was doing, however… the sea and salt air were calling him home (hence the sailboat on the coffee table.)  During his time in Toronto, Mark worked with Sarah Richardson… making her what she is today.  OK… again… that might be a slight exaggeration but she did come to his grand opening when he realized his dreams… moving back to Halifax and opening MHome in 2003! 

As far as Mark’s grandfather… he really did pass away the day after his 100th birthday!  I’m not sure what he did for a living but I’m sure in his 100 years… he left his legacy.  From the sparkle in Mark’s blue Sicilian eyes when he speaks of his grandfather… he was very much adored. 

Mark’s sense of style, his flair for decorating and his skills for designing furniture are evident by the pieces he carries in the retail shop.  Mark and his right hand gal, Shaneah Ingram, cater to their clients.  They keep busy with in-home design consultations… meeting their client’s needs with everything from helping to choose paint colors and fabric to decorating their entire home. 

Drop into MHome on Birmingham.  Mark and Shay will entertain you… inspire you… make you laugh.  You’ll feel so comfortable in their environment… you’ll want to bring it home.

I walked into a decorating store this afternoon.  I enjoyed the music… the laughter… the beautiful things.  I left there knowing I’d be back.  Knowing I’d made a friend.

MHome met all my needs… I was happy where I was, I was happy in my heart, I was enjoying what I was doing…

but I could have used a cocktail!

1471 Birmingham St.
(902) 429- 4333