The jiggs up…

My Aunt was visiting from Newfoundland this week and we had a traditional “jiggs dinner”… roast beef, turnip, carrots, potatoes, salt beef, cabbage and peas pudding.

I’m not a big fan… so my plate had a few odds and ends on it… but the other’s at the table had their plates piled high.  (If it was Newfoundland’s traditional “fish and chips with dressing and gravy” believe me… mine would have been piled high too!)

Unlike my plate of dinner the other night… my “friend plate” is full.  I’ve spent the last while trying to figure out what kind of friend I am and what I expect of others.

I have the most amazing women in my life, which is something I never thought I’d have.  I grew up with boys… in an odd way they defined me.  The simple fact is I always got along with guys more than girls.  I like not having the drama… not having the fighting.  Guys don’t care… and if you’re part of them… they have your back.  There’s no pressure… no one’s judging.  It’s simple. 

I never believed that the women in my life could give me the same comfort that the guys could.  But thankfully… as they rallied around me, showed up when I needed them most, believed in me, understood me, listened, cared and supported… they proved me wrong.  Time and again they proved me wrong.

Little-One, Gib, Prada, Crazy, Red… girls I went to school with… some I’ve met through my children… other’s in my neighbourhood… women… numerous women… have been there for me.  They aren’t going anywhere.  They’ve proven what I never before believed… that women are an amazing support group.  That women can do anything!

My friendship plate is full but I’ve decided to take a page out of my Newfoundland upbringing… when you can’t fit anything else on the plate… pile it higher!

Last night I met a few lovely ladies.  I had a fabulous night with a group of women laughing and sharing… joking and teasing… asking advice.  Seeking opinions in order to make sound decisions.  Relying on one another.  Supporting one another.

It hit me… I have room for more.

There’s always room for more.

It was fantastic seeing my Aunt this week.  Like my mom… she’s one heck of an amazing woman.

I’m suddenly feeling pretty hungry… and could really do with a feed of fish and chips!

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