Give me a ring…

If I’m not cranky lately it seems I’m sleeping.  And even then… I’m cranky.

I’ve been looking the last few days for my favorite ring… have searched the entire house and then I remembered…

During a dream in Hubbards a few weeks ago, I ripped it off my finger, threw it across the cottage, woke up and thought… “I have to remember I did that so I can get it in the morning when I wake“… I forgot.

I liked that ring.

I’m on two weeks of my youngest two being away and have never gone this long without having them under my roof.  Tucking them in at night.  I’ve been trying to keep myself busy… working on projects… going out with friends… spending time with my oldest… but I miss them.  It will be Monday before they’re home.

“Mom”day my youngest has coined it.

First and foremost I am a mom.  My children complete me… make me whole.  While I’ve only a few more days to go… I see time ahead of me spiralling.  My oldest will be leaving on the 5th of September.  Things are changing faster than I can keep up and I need everything to slow down.

Everyone just breathe.

Summer will end in a few weeks.  I’ll pack my oldest off to university.  One leaving the nest… two others close behind… it’s only a matter of time before I’ll be alone.


I’m not meant to be alone.
Little-One, Buff and Buff Juniors will be leaving in a few days.  I’ll kinda miss them too!
If you find my ring call me… or if you can’t find my ring… give me a ring anyway. And if you’re looking for a ring… I’ve got one for sale.