Buzz off…

There’s some sort of buzzing noise in my house… quite possibly in my head.  I think it’s from a light fixture?… the fridge?… a cricket?… not really sure.

I laid in bed for the longest time this morning acutely listening to the noises outside.  There was a car horn repeatedly going off every minute or so… one beep… then a few beeps… one beep again… two… three.  I was only a little irritated as it was my fault the window was wide open.  It was past nine o’clock and I needed to go to the bathroom anyway… so I got up to shut out the noise.  I looked out and saw that Prada was somehow involved in the car horn incident and from what I could gather a search for keys.  I yelled something I can’t recall.  She quickly put me in my place with her quick wit and laughter… something about me being out late… my own fault… Princess.

Yup… she called me Princess!

I closed the bathroom window and went back to bed in my too bright room…forgetting those windows were open as well.

I could hear the cars on the highway… birds chirping… hammering… drums… people talking… phones ringing… kids arguing… water dripping… a baby crying… and a strange noise that I can only assume and imagine to be a pelican.

Eventually I got up.

Now there’s this buzzing in my house and I’ve decided it’s definitely a cricket… possibly in the light fixture… maybe the fridge.  There’s a remote chance I stood too close to the speaker last night while Kaypr performed… no… it’s a cricket.

Last night was a ball… today my senses are on high alert.  We had a great meal and several laughs at Chives as Buff was in fine form… the stories were hilarious… the company great.  We enjoyed tasty dishes finished off  with two of these coffee martini things that set the tone for the rest of the night.

Wide awake and in the mood to party!

We headed on to The Bitter End… sitting on the patio… continuing our laughter… enjoying the fresh summer air.  People watching.  The night was full of dining, dancing and foolishness with Little-One, Buff, Crazy and Epic… who pretty much makes every night out… epic.  He knows how to have a good time.  He’s matter of fact about people and life.  He’ll drag you to places you’ve never been.  He’ll make you believe you belong.  He’ll dance and sing like there’s no tomorrow.  And he’s always wearing his party hat!

Another great night out with friends… a morning of laziness… tiredness… noise.

A pelican… and a cricket.

I gotta find that cricket.