Queen’s fifth update…

Before I close the curtains for the evening… it’s time for a “Queen’s Update”.

Since the last one… I’ve had another three thousand hits!  I still feel like the writing is helping me move in the right direction… and appreciate all of your support.

I received the most responses… and my biggest amount of hits… from the blog I wrote about kids growing up too fast.  It seems I struck a chord with a lot of folks out there, which leads me to believe that so many of you feel the same way I do.  It’s nice that we aren’t in this alone.  It’s up to each and every one of us to slow it down… keep our kids young.  Listen to your intuition… it’ll never sway you wrong in raising these wonderful kids.  It really does take a village.
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To the Mom’s out there whose kids are starting school this year… I really didn’t mean to scare you with the story about my kid getting lost on the first day of school!  I’m sure your nerves are just as shot as mine are about my oldest heading to university!  Follow them on the bus… leave a note for the teacher… be there when the bus drops them off… be diligent with  their safety but remember… they’re growing up… doing what they should… getting more independent… learning how this big world works.  Now… as for me… I wonder what my oldest will think when I show up for Frosh Week!
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Gib’s cottage days are coming to an end.  Thank goodness.  I watch her pack up and leave every year and get a sporadic glimpse or two of her as the summer goes on.  I’m tired of it!  It’s time for her to get back home so we can get back to doing what we do best… which is a whole lot of nothing… but we do it together!  As far as the lady who believed I killed Gib’s rabbit… I wasn’t the one that killed it… the Hawk killed it!
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For those of you who couldn’t understand why Prada was practicing Yoga in the middle of the woods… she was going to the bathroom!!!  Oh… and the cougar I was referring to… that was ME!  Sometimes you people need to read between the lines!
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I haven’t driven the wrong way since our trip to PEI… I’m loving my cows sweatshirt… and I’m still thrilled to bits that I managed to take the kids to the Anne of Green Gables musical.  It’s a trip we’ll remember for a long time… as soon as I can get over the fighting in the car!
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I’m on book three of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” trilogy.  It’s a fantastic (albeit a little far fetched) story.  OK… really far fetched but who cares.  It’s just someone’s imagination at work.  You can’t believe everything you read out there… it’s not like you believe everything I write.  Right?
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My dog is on the mend… and thanks for everyone who asked.  The antibiotics are doing the trick.  She still won’t step off the deck at night without me walking down the steps with her… and I try making a lot of noise as I go just in case!  My son was a bit freaked out about a raccoon looking at him through the basement window at his father’s house the other night… seems now the dog AND my boy are frightened of raccoons!  Nothin’ wrong with throwin’ a bit of extra lovin’ their way!
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For all of you who keep suggesting you’ll be getting my oldest the purple towels she wants when she’s heading to university… STOP!!!  I’m seriously trying to make a point here!  (They’re at Homesense… dark purple.  Oh… and she still needs those containers for under her bed.)
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Speaking of my oldest… her glasses were ready at Gaudet Optical the DAY AFTER we picked them out!  I was scared she didn’t like them… she seemed a bit aprehensive.  It only took a couple of people telling her how awesome they were and the aprehension has totally disappeared!
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I found my ring!!!!!  Last night I was moving the TV in my room and there it was!  Apparently I was in MY bed when I threw my ring acroos the room and not at the cottage in Hubbards!  I’m pretty thrilled to have it back… really would have missed that thing.
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And finally… I still hear the cricket today.  I’ve decided I probably stood too close to the speakers the other night with Crazy and Epic… so… I’ve decided I should never go dancing with two people named Crazy and Epic.  It kind of leaves you feeling like the night was a little bit crazy… and a whole lot epic.
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Times up.  I survived.  My kids will be home tomorrow… one more week and they’re back to school.  I missed them terribly but managed to fit in some fun and adventure along the way.  I met a few new friends and caught up with a few old ones.  I spent some one-on-one time with my oldest which was really quite lovely.  I’ve got a ton of projects done around the house and I’m looking for a new name to call my “honey do” list.  If you have any ideas… give me a ring…