Tigers, cougars and cheetahs…

Surprise of all surprises… seems Tiger and Elin are done.  Well… who’da seen that coming!  Reminds me… I have to take up golf… if anything to have a club in the car in case this Cougar ever has an issue with a Cheetah!

I golfed once.  Even took a few lessons.  But I should have perfected my swing.

I need a hobby… and by hobby I don’t mean job.

Do you know that raising kids is the most important job in the world?  I guess I should have considered the last two weeks as my “vacation”… but honestly… I just wanted to get back to work.

I missed the little creeps… 24 hours back in the house and still no fighting.  Well… I might have yelled once about an incident with a screwdriver and a dog… but that’s about it.  Last night… tucking them in… all I could do was sigh.  A big… deep breath… let it all in your chest and then release it slowly… sigh.  My work for the day was done.

Such an intake of breath caused me to notice the rise in my chest by a few inches… which got me thinking.  I wonder if I can hold that position while in a downtown bar and still smile at the non-ring wearing men as they pass by my table?  Unfortunately… chances are the ring was only removed for the visit to the pub… which again reminds me… I need to take up golf!

Tonight Little-One, Buff and the two Buff Juniors head back to Dubai.  While I’ll have my house back… it’ll be quiet around here.  I’ll miss the freaky little family and their “if I see a bath mat on the floor I’m gonna pee on it” dog.  It’s been a busy, wonderful, fun filled summer and I’m sad to see it come to an end.

A week more and school will be back in.  Back to routines and homework, the rink and the barn.  Regular bedtimes and anticipated weekends.  Home cooked meals and Sunday suppers.  Stuffed full calendars and  school projects.

It’s great to be a Mom.  Best job in the world.

But I really need a hobby…