Rascally rodent…

Buff was doing a little work outside… packing up golf clubs and hockey sticks for the trip back to the desert… when he tossed some garbage into the compost bin.

That’s when he heard the hiss.

Seems “Ricky the Raccoon” went to the buffet last night, gorged himself ’til he was too tired to haul his dog-fightin’-ass out of the bin then decided to take a nap in his supper!

That was until Buff disturbed his slumber! 

When I think about it… Buff wasn’t the first to irritate the large dog-eatin’-rat.  No more than half an hour before, Prada stood talking to me in the driveway… picked a few weeds out of the garden… and tossed them in the bin. 

Now that would have been funny!

Considering Buff was packin’ heat (in the form of packing tape), he taped shut the lid with dog-hatin’ “Ricky the Rodent” inside. 

I phoned Department of Natural Resources and the woman I spoke to explained my three choices:

1.) Stick a pole in the bin for fatso to hopefully haul himself out during the night.
2.) Knock over the bin and release the porker… being sure not to get attacked.
3.) Put lard arse in a trap by enticing him with bread, bananas and peanut butter.  Then drive 20 kilometers away and release him.  I wonder if she lives 20 kilometers away!

Seems it doesn’t matter that “Ricky the Rat” attacked my now nervous to pee in the dark pup… or that he’d been roaming the neighbourhood in broad daylight… or that guts sits in the tree and stares at me.

Too bad Buff wasn’t packin’ more than tape!

Anyway… Buff wheeled the bin down to the pond with Little-One, Buff Jr. and I tagging along for the adventure… each of us carrying big sticks!  Buff cut the tape… hit the bin with the stick… and “Ricky the Roach” ran into the woods.

I’m gonna miss having Buff around… hopefully he’ll come back soon.

I’m not gonna miss Ricky at all… but chances are he’ll be back tonight!