The table is set…

 My parents hosted a breakfast for my eldest daughter and her friends this morning. Ten amazing young men and women facing their futures… heading off to explore the world.  To make a difference.

Giggling, loud, wide eyed teens.  Full of knowledge that soon their days of togetherness will be limited to holidays and reunions.

They know not what I know.  But they sense it.

My Mom and Dad are so much a part of these young people’s lives.  My parents have encouraged and cheered.  Been there for each event… every milestone.  They think of my daughter’s friends as an extension of their granddaughter… respect and admire each of the young faces around their dining room table.  Listen to them… care for them.  Showing them just how important they are… over blueberry and banana pancakes, hash browns and sausages, bacon and eggs.  Opening up their home and their hearts… as they’ve done all along.

Like my parents… so many people have helped to shape who these young men and women have become.  So many people have been part of my daughter’s life.  The young people at the table… their parents… their grandparents… my extensive family and friends.

Like her friends… my daughter has drawn from all of these people to become the amazing young woman she is today.

With every one’s love and support… she’s ready.  I’ve brought her as far as I can possibly bring her without continuing with her on this journey.

As a single mom, I held her the day she was born… full of hope for our future.

On the first day of school with Mme. Lucille, I was captivated by all of the wide eyed, excited children facing this new adventure… the same children sitting at my parent’s table today… facing yet another.

School concerts, musicals, ballet recitals, broken hearts… I’ve been there.  I’ve been her taxi driver, doctor, therapist, teacher, judge, wrestler, decorator, moderator, maid… mom.  I’ve been everything to her… she’s been everything to me.

I’m not completely sure where she ends and I begin.

I’m unsure how to move forward… and yet… it’s what I’ve been planning since the first day I held her in my arms.  It’s what I’ve wanted.  Everything I’ve dreamed for her is now in the palm of her hands.  Hers to take with her.

As I look at my parents… hosting a breakfast for their granddaughter… I see a glimpse of my future.

Off you go my sweet.  Take care… I’m behind you.  You’ve an amazing journey ahead of you.  You’ve so much to discover… so much to accomplish.  You’ll make a difference… you already have.

The table is set.  The food is prepared.  Friends are gathered.  A toast to each of you who’ve been part of this… to fulfilling these dreams.  To the wonderful people who shape our lives…

and to the lives we’ve yet to shape.

8 Replies to “The table is set…”

  1. I love how you write Colleen….words that touch the heart! And I guess you're now "over" PEI? (Kim)

  2. I thought I had commented earlier today – but it's not showing, so here I go again. I cried when I read this – and I had just finished crying over the Globe article! I'm a mess really. I loved your line about not knowing where you end and she starts. I am hearing from experienced moms that I will be fine once she gets settled. Your parents were so sweet to have the gang over today. Joan

  3. I'm always amazed by the number of people who try to write comments and then they don't show up! And here I just think no one reads!!!

    @Kim… I'm over PEI! Next time I'll bring reinforcements. @Kary… I'm the lucky one! @Lisa… such a softy.

    And @Joan… what an emotional roller coaster this is going to be. My parents are all too happy to have the kids around. Your Emily means the world to my family and so many of my friends who have gotten to know her through the years. What amazing young girls you have raised!

  4. Sniff…

    Lovely seeing and talking with you today! I'll remember your strength when I send Jules off for her first day next year;)

  5. Okay, that even moved *me* to comment. Beautiful. She is so lucky to be surrounded by supportive, loving people who have given her the wings to fly! She will be fine; she will be more than fine! I can't wait to follow her adventure 🙂