Heat waves and hurricanes…

Good Lord there’s a hurricane coming and there’s much to be done!

I have to pick up batteries, propane and water, bring things in and tie stuff down, stock the cupboards, fill the car, prep the basement and other hurricane related stuff!

To add to the pressure, “Hurricane Earl” is expected to hit as I’m expected at St. FX for the big “drop off”.

I swear to God when it rains it pours… and when it pours… there’s a hurricane on the horizon!  But instead of stressing, I chose to put my ever growing list aside until the kids head back to school… and I  enjoyed the final glory days of summer.  We hit the lake and the beach… getting in the last moments of what has turned out to be the best summer I can ever recall.

While I’ve enjoyed my children… Prada’s boy has had me in stitches!  We’re in the middle of a heat wave and he’s pulling the best pranks I’ve ever seen!

It started with a trip to the Dollar Store.  Halloween paraphernalia is out in full force, and Young Prada-G found himself one of those horrid, rubber, “bloody” hands that they sell for spooky holiday decoration!  It’s gory and gross… cut off at the elbow and dripping with fake blood… just the sort of thing a young boy finds hilarious!  He brought it to Cleveland Beach on Wednesday and near scared his sister out of her bikini when he was digging in the sand and suddenly screamed… pretending he’d unearthed a gruesome crime scene.

The following day he brought it to Kearney Lake… and once again shocked one or two folk as he dove to the bottom of the lake… rising to the surface with said hand!

Today… Hubbard’s Beach.  As I took a stroll along the waters edge, running into neighbor after neighbor trying to cool down and take in the final moments of summer, nothing made me smile more than the pile of sand with the rubber hand sticking out of the mound!

It’s been a few lazy, hazy, sweaty, forty degree hot, last days of summer… with a prank or two and a load of laughs thrown in for good measure!  Folks are tired, dragged, overheated, cranky and running on empty but we’re making the best of the last few moments… heat and all!

While I’d love for summer to drag on… the kids are ready.  There’s much anticipation for tomorrow’s announcements of what teachers they will have and what friends will be in their class.  We’ve changed our tune about their “back to school” outfits and picked out some cool summer duds to wear.  They’ll be hauling their water bottles as well as their backpacks full of supplies for the months ahead.

Once the two youngest are settled… it’s time to keep track of Earl and pack up my girl.  I’ll gather my supplies, batten down the hatches and hope for the best.  I’ll pack up my eldest, drop her off, hold my composure and again… hope for the best!

There’s a hurricane on the horizon and so much to do in the next few days that I’m sincerely hoping… someone will give me a bloody hand.

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  1. You have a very fantastic way of making every detail funny……good luck with getting Emily off to University