Two days and not counting…

My kids have had their “final night” in the house together before my oldest heads out.

Last night brought us to the lake where all three (four if you count the boyfriend) frolicked in the water and had a great time together.  Then home for some cuddles and hugs.

The youngest two head out this evening with their father for the weekend, but we’ll gather them up on Sunday for the big move.  They’ll catch a glimpse of where their sister will be living… help her unpack and get her settled.  Then we’ll drive home where I’ll drop them back to their father’s again and have a big old cry in my empty nest!

I’m feeling sorry for myself.

In a short period of time, we’ve gone from a household of five, to a household of four… and soon to be a household of three.

So much has changed in such a short amount of time.  I’m thrilled my daughter heads off to X this weekend… beyond proud of all she has accomplished and all that’s ahead.  I’m torn with this absolute desire to keep her home and a phenomenal urge to boot her from the nest.  Is it possible to hold on while letting go? 

The children all exchanged presents last night.  I had two rag dolls made from Third Street Studios.  I sent them photographs of my blond haired, blue eyed, beautiful daughters and they made the dolls… perfectly capturing each of my girls in their favorite outfits… pyjama pants and tank tops!  You can read all about them in Andrea’s blog (I couldn’t tell you about it before as I didn’t want to ruin the surprise).  Both sisters will keep the rag doll that represents the other… so they’ll always be together.

My son spent all summer saving his money to buy his sister a hat that says “I heart my brother”… to show the world how much she loves him (and he her).  I had them make a second… and today he’s off to school wearing his “I heart my sister” hat.

There’s lots to do before we head out early on Sunday morning… and so much more to do when we get there.  I’m putting it all off… pretending it’s not happening… yet so well aware that it can’t be stopped.

And really… why would I want it to?

If you’re dropping over for a visit Sunday night… bring wine… and tissues.  And plenty of both.

As my youngest was heading to sleep last night with her new doll… she suggested we have one made to look like me.  I’m not sure it would have the same effect!

My daughter’s boyfriend is pretty awesome… we’ll miss seeing him around everyday too!  Thankfully he’s not moving away and is welcome to visit anytime!


4 Replies to “Two days and not counting…”

  1. I like this. Every parent will go through it and their is always light at the end of the tunnel.

    take care… things improve with time..

  2. Made me cry, and I am years away from the boys leaving. Chin up my friend. She will thrive there and love every minute.


  3. We're so glad the girls liked their dolls!! Such a great idea from so loving a Mom.

    BTW – I think a Queen doll would be great…

  4. Third Street! how cool!! Love love love this Colleen. I wish I was more like you. So thoughtful girl.