Protect our children…


When I was a teenager in the early eighties, there was an event referred to as “gang bang”. The name became “popularized” in adult entertainment films at the time and in 1995 the “World’s Biggest Gang Bang” was held when Annabel Chong set the record for the most consecutive sex acts by one person in a short period of time…251 sex acts…10 hours…beginning the “trend” for breaking the gang banging record.

That’s around the time things went to hell.

As a young teen, “gang bang” would be yelled and the boys would chase the girls…girls dropping to the ground when they’d been outrun…and boys…well…groping and laughing and you can imagine…

Today…that’s sexual assault. It was back then as well but for whatever reason it wasn’t viewed the same way. It wasn’t spoken of as a crime. It was more like…for lack of a better word…a game. A rude, insensitive, pack mentality game where the boys were overpowering the girls…seeing what they could get away with…seeing who’d give in or who’d fight them. Oftentimes doing nothing when they caught the girl except proving that they could catch her…and it was wrong.

When the term “date rape” was popularized in the late ’80’s, it opened communication…made room for more education. Taught women and young girls that no matter what…they have a right to say “no” and have their voice heard whether the person is a stranger and it’s a brutal crime…or the person is someone known to the victim. Furthermore, sexual assault on an individual who is incapacitated, unable to say “no” though they otherwise would, is the worst sort of crime.

The term “gang bang” was treated differently. Did the 1995 stunt make it alright…popularizing the term…objectifying girls…desensitizing boys?

Here’s the thing, while Ms. Chong may have consented to the act to improve her popularity as an adult film actress…most women wouldn’t. The term therefore would be “Gang Rape”. Let’s not put a pretty name on it.

Two weeks ago, a young girl was drugged at a rave party and gang raped. It is heartbreaking that such an event can occur in private let alone in public and that people turned the other way. Worse yet, not only did they stand around and not defend the young woman, they photographed it. They took videos of the tragic event then put them on the Internet for this young woman to be raped over and over again by everyone who spread the videos…everyone who watched the videos…and those who did nothing to stop it.

This is child pornography and these young people making and spreading these photos and videos are grossly undermining a young girl’s rights…as if they weren’t taken away when she was unable to say “no” not once, but several times.

There is something horribly wrong with our society. Something horribly wrong when young people are so desensitized that an event as shocking as a gang rape can be broadcast for the world to see. This was not a stunt to popularize a consenting adult film actress…this was some one’s daughter…some one’s sister…some one’s grandchild, neighbour, best friend. This was a sixteen year old girl who, if not drugged, would have clearly said no to one boy having sex with her in public let alone more than one… let alone people filming it and placing it on the Internet.

We are at war with our children’s morals and the society they are growing up in and I beg you…start watching what your kids see in the movies and on tv. Start paying attention to the video games they’re playing and the music they’re listening to. Monitor them on the Internet. Get to know their friends and where they’re going. These precious children, our sons and daughters, are at far greater risk in this world with what’s in front of them than we ever were and they need you. More than any generation of children has ever needed their parents…our children need us. Stop turning a blind eye and pretending it won’t happen to your child…because it’s already happening to your child!

Our children are educated about what’s right and wrong but are greatly conflicted with what’s put in front of them. It’s time to educate parents on how to protect our children from the society they’re growing up in. If for anything…to protect them from themselves.

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