Thinkin’ of you…

The holidays are coming and it has me thinking of all of the wonderful things I can get for folks I love. 

Like coffee for instance… but not instant for instance… there’s nothing better than the smell of fresh ground coffee in the morning.  A brand new day.  Starting things off on the right foot feeling alert and refreshed.  With that in mind… I’m thinking coffee might just be the perfect gift to give to a few folks I love… and maybe even as presents for my children’s teachers.  Nice, lovely, free trade, fresh coffee for them to brew in the morning and enjoy.

Then again… wreathes and centerpieces are always a hit.  A beautiful table piece… arriving early December to enjoy for the month long.  Beautifully decorated with tapered candles to light in the early evening while the family enjoys a meal together.  The perfect gift for a grandmother who has everything.  Or a wreathe… welcoming people to your home and the festive season ahead.  Fresh and plush with boughs on both sides not just one side with the wire ring on the back… beautiful and full with your choice of red, burgundy or gold bow… decorated with pine cones and holly straight from Barss Corner, Nova Scotia… simply the perfect way to show the spirit of the season.

Or maybe… maybe I could give people the chance to win a wonderful trip anywhere in the world… or weekend getaways to numerous locations.  I could get the folks I love tickets to enchanting getaways… imagine if I gave a ticket to someone I loved and they had the chance for a much needed week away to visit family… or to get away from family.  Oh the potential for fun and adventure is at their fingertips with the thrilling hope of getting away!

The upcoming holidays are inspiring me to think of all of these wonderful things… and you should as well.  Furthermore… I can help you with all of these FABULOUS ideas as my son is in hockey and I’m currently selling coffee, wreathes, centerpieces and tickets to help fundraise… but more importantly… to help you.  Yes… you.

I’m here to help you with your holiday shopping.

Purchase tickets to win a wonderful vacation that you know your loved ones would enjoy.  Give the gift of coffee, showing loved ones how you appreciate when they start the day relaxed and refreshed.  Purchase a beautiful holiday wreathe for their front door or a centerpiece for the dining room table.

It’s easy… just email me your order.  I’m doing it for you!

That’s me… always thinking of you..

(A reminder to all that Christmas is not all about giving… it’s about family and love… joy and peace.)

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