You know you’re bored when…

Holy crap… the Harvard educated Winkelvoss twins suing Zuckerberg over the creation of Facebook (although they’ve already won a 65 million dollar settlement and stock options) are Hot!

Rich, young, smart AND hot!

Is it wrong I’m looking at younger men?  The age of two of them together might possibly add up to mine… hmmm… kinda makes me feel like I’m in an episode of Cougar Town!

I’m bored.  Sitting here on the couch with a duvet wrapped around me… bored.

Did you see Glee the other night?  When Mr. Schuester asked if anyone knew what a “duet” was and dense Brittany guessed it was “a blanket” I near died laughing.  Then the laughing threw me into a fit of coughing which really and truly had me thinking I was going to die from laughing!  It reminded me of high school when a very frustrated and exasperated French teacher screamed “ferme la bouche” at a friend and he quickly jumped up and shut the window!

That’s funny shit!

And did you see the President Sibestian Pinera of Chile speaking English last night?  I have to give credit to the guy for hanging out all day with the First Lady to witness the amazing event (yup… it was political but who cares) and greeting each miner as the earth gave birth to one after the other.  But when he said “hack the miner”, which he was actually trying to say “hug the miner” I took to a giggle fit.  Followed closely by a coughing fit.

And then… did you see when Yonni Barrios came up and people were saying his wife was staying away as she’d found out he was cheating on her?  Low and behold there’s his wife… no… not his wife… possibly his sister… yup it’s his sister.  NO people… it was his MISTRESS!!!  33 miners came out of the earth to be greeted by their families and that idiot couldn’t stay away for five freakin’ minutes for a family to try to heal but instead comes out publicly rubbing salt in the wounds of a devastated woman.  Good Lord what’s happening to our society?

Sadly this isn’t one of the things that’s comforting to know it happens all over the world.  Yonni’s gonna have to dig at lot deeper than 700 meters if he plans on ever having any kind of normal communication with the woman he humiliated publicly.  I suggest she shove him back down in the mine for good… or even possibly “hack the miner”.

And his mistress… seriously… show some freakin’ respect.

I told you… I’m bored.

I don’t often sit on my ass doing nothing for days on end.  Oh… don’t get me wrong.  Sometimes I sit on my ass doing nothing for hours on end… but days… that’s a bit ridiculous!

Thing is… I don’t watch as much tv as I used to but for the last two days that’s all I’ve done.  It’s not that I don’t watch it at all… I never miss Grey’s, Private Practice, Modern Family and Cougar Town… and have taken a liking to Glee… plus I watch Heartland on Sunday nights with my kids… which isn’t so bad as the total time is only five hours a week.  Far less than what I used to watch.  (I do admit that when I go to bed I turn on the tv for background noise and find myself falling asleep to the melodic rhythm of Strombo’s voice… which isn’t such a bad thing to fall asleep to.  Just don’t tell Strombo I’m not really watching.)

So I guess I do watch a bit of tv, but with the exception of Thursday night’s Grey’s and Practice, I pretty much PVR the shows and watch them when I have time.  Which was this morning.

And I shouldn’t have.

‘Cause Cougar Town made me cry.

Rather unfortunate as I wasn’t too interested in tearing up over a half hour sitcom and more interested in the light hearted stuff of the cougarish type like the fact that the Winkelvoss twins interviewed on Canada AM this morning were really hot.

I’m bored.  I need a night out with my girlfriends.  Kelly Rippa is running a contest on Live with Regis and Kelly and four friends can win a “Girl’s Night Out Vegas Getaway“.  All I have to do is send in a letter saying why I deserve it!

Or maybe I should shut off the tv as I’m bored of decorating shows and talk shows and starting to think about entering contests so shutting off the tv would be…. WAIT!!  Did Whoppi and Joy Behar just walk off the set from comments Bill O’Reilly made about Muslims?  That’s right ladies… stand up for people being put down!  Or in the case of the cheating miner, put back down the fool trying to stand up!

I’m planning on one more day sitting on my ass… hoping to get rid of this infection in my lung.  After that, I’ll take a deep breath and drag myself the 700 meters out of the deep dank hole I’ve been hanging out in for the last few days then maybe head out with my girlfriends to find myself a set of hot, rich, young twins.

I really have to get off this couch!

2 Replies to “You know you’re bored when…”

  1. Too much funny stuff! LOL. 😀

    Big Bang Theory is always good for a laugh, too.

    You have me cracking up over those Winklevoss twins.

  2. @Winn… might have to start watching Big Bang Theory… is it anything like Cougar Town… there's the odd Big Bang in there too!