In her bones…

My dog’s been walking around in a skeleton costume for three days since I pulled out all the Halloween shit. 

The fact that my dog is dressed as a skeleton and that I have two Rubbermaid containers full of Halloween crap makes me think I have a problem.

But there’s seriously nothing funnier than a dog jumping up on your bed in your pitch black bedroom dressed as a glow-in-the-dark skeleton.

And yes… I sleep with my dog.

And I’m considering getting glow in the dark skeleton pyjamas.

And Oh My God wouldn’t that be hilarious!

(I’d get a pair for my oldest too but she’s a little exasperated about all of the Halloween decorating… showing people with that “yeah my mom’s really into Halloween” attitude which has me thinking she doesn’t like my addiction.)

It’s not like I’ve turned into a witch or a vampire.

Rephrase… it’s not like I’ve turned into a vampire!

It’s just that I get a kick out of Halloween… and I think you can do some pretty awesome decorating with crap from the Dollar Store and odd things you have around the house. 

Like my mantle… a gathering of clocks and candles, feathers and boas, liquor bottles and a dancing dead bride and groom in a glass globe that when wound up plays an ominous tune.

Which really should tell you something about my sense of humour.

Not that the overweight dog in the bone costume didn’t.

It’s possible I pushed things a little far today when I decorated the dining room table with old dishes, skulls, chains and champagne glasses filled with rats and blood!

That my youngest helped me put together… and it was her idea idea to put the rats in the blood.

And she has a skeleton costume!

I think it’s in her bones!


6 Replies to “In her bones…”

  1. @P… thanks… you should wear your skeleton costume next time you drop over.

    @Anonymous… only cause I forgot to oil the hinges… well… someone forgot to oil the hinges.

  2. So very cool! Wow, I love it! You are giving Martha a run for her money, sweet. It's nice to meet another freak for Halloween. 🙂 I mean that in the most awesome of ways, I love being a freak. Nice to meet you! I am now a fan on FB and look forward to getting to know you better Queen.

    • Sorry…it’s a bit of a treasure. I got it right after my divorce and it makes me laugh. I found it at Winners/HomeSense and I’ve seen them every Halloween for the last few years though! They should be on shelves fairly soon.