Enough with fools in tinfoil…

My girlfriend, C.A., went through a divorce about a year before her 40th birthday. It was what she wanted, yet her pain ran deep. Something I never truly understood…until my own.

When her birthday rolled around, her dream of going to New York was in the toilet. Anyone going through a divorce will tell you…money is tight. Your priorities change from taking a weekend getaway trip with a few girlfriends, to simply paying the bills and putting food on the table.

C.A. was not to have her dream birthday weekend in the big city…so we brought it to her.  A black and white themed New York party…favors, decorations and menu reflecting a night out in the Big Apple.

For her birthday, I gave C.A. a “Knights” helmet…a big silver helmet with a pointy thing coming out of the top. I’d seen it in HomeSense for weeks wondering what idiot would ever buy such a thing! Seriously, do you put it in an office…a library…a Victorian mansion…a dungeon? Do you use the pointy thing on top to hold the toilet paper roll…placing it next to the bathtub with the chain mail shower curtain? Who the hell would decorate with such a thing?

So I bought it and gave it to C.A….attached with a note telling her how proud I was of her.  How much hope I had for her future. That someday she’d find her “Knight in Shining Armour” as she so deserved the happiness she wished for.

And she did…the most fantastic, wonderful, lovely, sweet and gentle Knight…perfectly suited just for her. They bring out the best in each other. Their wedding was a fairy tale of memories, family and love.  We all sat back and smiled…for she couldn’t stop smiling.

Last night I had a few friends in. I was finishing up the dishes and my dog was begging me to come up to bed. She finally had enough of waiting and headed up the stairs without me when suddenly I heard barking, panic, a loud bang, a yelp and the dog tearing down the stairs…her back legs tripping over her front legs with that “holy crap I just saw a raccoon” look in her eyes.

Slowly I headed up the steps with my noble and brave beast gingerly walking behind me.  Stepping into my bedroom I started to laugh.

There it was…on my bedside table. My lamp crashed onto the floor…the tin helmet regally making a statement in my room with a note…expressing hope for my future. To find my “Knight”…just as the good luck charm had done for her.

(Either that or she had to get rid of the thing as she couldn’t figure out how to decorate around it!)

For now, I’m wearing the armour myself as I have a feeling I’m heading into battle. I’ve encased my heart in chains and I’m heading out, sword drawn, to find this elusive Knight! And when I do, it is my great hope that my noble beast will let him near me. Currently she has a great fear of raccoons…and Knights. Actually…anything wearing a mask.

Thank you C.A. for always being there…for encouraging me along the way. For making me laugh. For listening. For understanding and for being beside me in a truly difficult situation. I love you my friend.

Now…where can I find a Medieval Festival…

4 Replies to “Enough with fools in tinfoil…”

  1. When I was told this story I could not hold in the tears……(think my hormones are totally out of whack) CA has certainly found her Knight and yours, when he comes along will be fabulous(and must always leave the front door open for late night/early morning rehashes of the day/week)

    xoxoxo P

  2. What a great story ! You have wonderful, wonderful friends. Time and patience, waiting for Mr Right ! He's out there. /kim

  3. He is gentle and kind and all those things you said he is. He read this blog with me last night and we both got a little emotional. Him because he said he always wants to make me happy and be that knight, me because I had him next to me…and you in my thoughts as you step onto the battle field!! You're a wonderful woman, great things await you. XO CA