Living large…

Holy CRAP!!!

Allen and Violet Large from Truro, Nova Scotia, won eleven million dollars… then gave it away!

They’re sweet, kind, simple, country folk.  They’ve everything they need in this world.  They helped a few family members then gave the rest to charities and organizations (ignoring the seven phone calls asking for money).

With the exception of a little money they put away for a rainy day… they gave it all away!!

There’s a lot I could do with that money!

OK… here’s how it’s gonna work.  First of all… if I won eleven million dollars, I’d smile up at Karma… is Karma an actual person?  Whatever.  I’d throw my hands up to the Karma over the simple face that I don’t have to give half to my ex!  (Just writing that is gonna bite me in the ass… I just know it… with my luck he’ll win the lottery next week!)

I HATE Karma.

Anyway…. ok…. second thing I’d do is pay off my mortgage and get a new car.  Then help out my parents and my two brothers and try to put a dollar figure on all of the help they’ve given me through the years… which would be pretty hard to do so I’d just do nice things for them all the time.  I’d probably plan a big family trip so we can all spend some time together… I miss my older brother and his wife and we could really do with a family trip.  They don’t have kids but… OH MY GOD I’d buy them kids!!!!

Prada, Gib, Little-One, Crazy, CA, Red and Ticker… they’re all gonna be mortgage free… AND… we’re doing a girls weekend away like no other!  My boys… they’re coming too… but if they don’t start phoning in the next few weeks they’re off the list!!!  (I’m serious boys… you might wanna send me an email!)  A few friends through the years… you know who you are… you can count on a few good things coming your way!

I’ve got this big supportive family… so I’ll do nice things for them and probably help the younger ones with university.  That might be the best way to cover everyone off and help out.  Oh… and a big family reunion!  South.  I’ll buy the drinks!  OK just kidding… I’ll pay for the trip!!!

I’d give money to charity… help out a few folk I know could use the help.  The hospitals… the school… hockey… the barn. Oh… I’d get a horse… and a barn.  A COTTAGE!!!  Oh yeah… with a big wrap around deck and awesome deck chairs where we can sit out and drink margaritas!  I’ll buy a margarita machine!!!

I’d get a house… somewhere warm… with a sailboat.  But I’m not gonna use it cause I hate sailing but I really want a house in a place where you’d use a sailboat.  You can visit me and use the sailboat!  It might be in the BVI cause I really liked the BVI.  Wouldn’t you like to visit me in the BVI?  But I’m not selling the house I live in ’cause I have these amazing neighbours… but I might get a pool…. oh yeah… I’m SO getting a pool… and a pool boy!!!!

I’d put money aside for my kids’ future and I might get my oldest a car… a pink Volkswagen bug.  And my boy can go to that private hockey school he wants to go to!  They can redecorate their rooms and I’ll probably increase their allowance but they’re still not getting phones or computers in their rooms… but I did say I’d get my youngest that horse!

What could I do with eleven million bucks?

I’d put money in the bank. I’d live carefree and with more spontaneity.  I’d travel to all of the wonderful places I dream of… take my friends and family with me on my journeys.  I’d do nice things for the people I loved… including myself.

For eleven million bucks…  I’d live large.

Or… for the chance to grow old and healthy with the man of my dreams… who adored me and took care of me… thinking of me first when he awoke in the morning and sharing his life with me… sitting on a porch deck in a sleepy little town holding the wrinkled, soft hand of my very best friend in the world… growing old gracefully surrounded by loved ones… everything I’d ever dreamed of… I’d give it all away.

Every last penny.

Except maybe a little put aside for a rainy day.

Better than eleven million dollars… living Large.

6 Replies to “Living large…”

  1. What can anyone add to that? You've summed it all up,dreamed everyone's dream,and brought us all back to reality!
    But don't stop dreaming,Colleen!

  2. You hit the nail right on the head with this one Colleen! What an example of having their priorities right. These two people are rich beyond some people's imaginations in the ways that matter most.

    Thanks Colleen.


  3. I hope you win the lottery.
    your brother
    (PS. you can send me money…..but hold off on the kids)

  4. unfortunately, the larges have had a lot more calls from people looking for money since their story went international … even someone from asia who called at 3am! but most of the calls are from the u.s. … and when allen tells them that the money is gone, they don't believe him. luckily he has no problem telling them "no", but it's disappointing that the coverage ended up being a burden to them.